La La Anthony Plays Brian Austin Green’s Wife on BH90210

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La La Anthony is one of the newcomers to the BH90210 cast. She plays Shay, a pop star who is also the fictional wife of Brian Austin Green. According to E! News, the character has been the breadwinner in the family since Green ended his tenure on 90210, and their marital strife stems from this resentment. Read on to learn more about the character and how she will change the show’s dynamic.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Anthony talked about the fun she had during production, and how she felt was important to add diversity to the BH90210 cast. “We’ve been shooting heavy in Vancouver. So I flew back for CFDAs and I have to head right back to Vancouver to finish filming,” she said. “I’m glad they’re bringing some color to the show. I’m really excited about that.”

La La Anthony Is Playing Brian Austin Green’s Fictional Wife on ‘BH90210’

La La Anthony Talks Joining the ‘90210’ Reboot: ‘It Is Wild’La La Anthony hit the blue carpet at the BET Awards with her 12-year-old son Kiyan as her date. She gave “Extra’s” Tanika Ray some scoop on the final season of “Power,” and dished on joining the “90210” reboot as Brian Austin Green’s TV wife.2019-06-24T21:54:11.000Z

Anthony also gushed about the chemistry she had with Green, who played David Silver on the original series. “I had a chemistry read with Brian and he was amazing and we hit it off,” she revealed. “I think we’re going to make some great television.”

Green discussed the process of casting Anthony, and how he felt she would add a lot to the cast. “It was really important to me, and it felt like it was a really good opportunity, and a very organic way to do that. To have three daughters [on the show] instead of sons, which I have personally, that are mixed, I thought it was just a really fun and normal way,” he told ET. “Our culture at this time is fun that way because it is diverse, and you can represent so many different races and ethnicities and backgrounds, and the fact that we got to do that on the show was a positive for me… I think it’s just playing what it is now.”

Anthony Said She Was Happy to ‘Bring Color’ to the ‘BH90210’ Cast

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“Playing it as a very normal point in time. We didn’t want to make a meal out of it, or have any discussions about it or make it some sort of a storyline, it just is what it is,” he continued. Green also talked about the differences and similarities between his fictional marriage to Anthony and his real marriage to actress Megan Fox.

“For me, it was tricky because of all the press that Megan and I have gotten. So, I wanted to come up with something where I would still be able to have fun, but it would be close enough to what people might expect me to do in real life — like it’s not Megan, so I’m not married to a movie star — but people would believe that I would marry someone in music, because the character was so into music, and so was I at the time,” he explained. “It was a wink at what my life is and what the tabloids follow, but at the same time it gave us an opportunity to play and still have fun.”

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