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Love After Lockup

WE tv/YouTube "Love After Lockup" returns Friday, August 16 at 9/8c on WE tv. Click here for details on the mid-season premiere.

Love After LockupWE tv’s hit reality series that follows inmates who found love while incarcerated, returns tonight, August 16, at 9/8c. The mid-season premiere of season 2 features seven couples: Glorietta and Alex, Lizzy and Daniel, Andrea and Lamondre, Lacey and John, Cheryl and Josh, and Vincent and Amber, as well as season 1’s Angela and Tony.

“Love After Lockup is back to explore new shocking and revealing stories of couples who fall in love despite the prison bars between them,” WE tv writes of the season 2 return. “Once the bars are gone, will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar? Will the inmates ditch their mate as they face shocking ‘firsts,’ fights & family drama! Is it true love or just a con?”

The Episode Descriptions for the First Two Episodes Promises Plenty of Drama Right off the Bat

The synopsis for the mid-season 2 premiere reads, “Dad fears felon fiancé, but Lacey is keeping a surprising secret; Cheryl shocks sister when she drops $30K on inmate; Vince spills his fiancé is part of a mother-daughter crime duo and plans to meet her at release; and Andrea’s revelation stuns sisters.”

The description for episode 25, which airs next Friday, August 23, reads, “Cheryl stuns mom with bombshell about felon fiancé. Lacey risks all for John’s release. Andrea freaks when Lamondre blows up. Angela panics Tony may not show. Lizzy’s sister warns her about bad-boy Daniel. Vince learns shocking truth about Amber.”

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Season 2 Premiere Below & Learn More About Two of the Season’s Couples

Love After Lockup Season 2 🚔🔒❤️ First Look!Couples finally meet their felon fiancé upon prison release & face shocking “firsts,” fights, & family drama. Will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar? Is it true love or just a con? Watch Love After Lockup Fridays at 9/8C! #LoveAfterLockup Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips:…2019-08-02T02:13:41Z

You can watch a clip of the new season above, which highlights two couples: Cheryl and Josh and Vincent and Amber. The sneak peek below sees Cheryl discussing her relationship with her sister, who works as a corrections officer at a different prison than the one Josh is incarcerated at. Cheryl’s sister bluntly tells her sister that she’s being “stupid” to trust this man who robbed a bank, and who she has admitted to sending over $30,000 to over the course of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Vincent is getting ready to finally meet his girlfriend Amber in person, who is due to be released from prison in two days. He explains to his mother that both Amber and her own mother were incarcerated on drug trafficking charges, and that she is committed to improving her life when she is released. His mother is skeptical and worries about Vincent, but knows that she “can’t control [her] 30-year-old son,” so she instead asks if she can join Vincent when he picks Amber up from prison.

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Fans of season 1 of the show already know Angela and Tony, and will finally get to see how their love story played out after Angela was left at the bus station waiting for Tony, who ended up not being released from prison like they expected.

Tune in Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the rest of Love After Lockup‘s second season, and don’t forget to click the link below for information on the couples featuring on the second half of season 2.

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