Is ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ on TV Tonight?

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MTV’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood follows a group of rising stars and starlets as they fight for their chance to make it in the entertainment industry. The cast includes Ray J, Apryl Jones, K. Michelle, Yo-Yo and Lil’ Fizz, and there are new episodes every Monday. But is the show on tonight? Does a new episode premiere despite the airing of the 2019 Video Music Awards (VMAs)?

According to VH1, there will be a new episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood on TV tonight. The episode, titled “Wreckless,” will premiere at 7 p.m. ET or 4 p.m. PST, depending on your time zone. It will be the lead-in program to the VMAs, which premieres at 8 p.m. ET. The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads, “Lyrica debates how she wants to move forward in her marriage. Brittany B considers helping Moniece and Apryl with their tour. Things turn explosive when Zell and Paris show up at Brittany’s mixer. Micky’s ex and Akon’s wife Tricia Ana is introduced.”

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Will Air a New Episode Tonight on 7 p.m. ET

There is ongoing drama between cast members K. Michelle and Apryl Jones. The former rubbed the latter the wrong way when she told Moniece Slaughter that Apryl kissed Fizz. She was also critical of Apryl and Moniece going on tour together. Zell Swag talked about K. Michelle’s dramatic streak, and accused the singer of being jealous of cast members who are doing better than her.

“Even though I don’t like Cigarette Woman, for y’all to be able to make up and move forward and try to even plan something for y’all to get money together…and for her to be another woman, that’s the type of b*tch she is. That’s how she was built,” Zell said. “That’s why everywhere she go, it’s something bad goes wrong. With her. With her. Yeah, she want Moniece to be her little puppet so she can just keep doing what she do.”

There Is Ongoing Drama Between Michelle & Apryl Jones

Ray and his wife, fellow cast member Princess Love, recently announced that they would be having a second child in 2020. The couple posted a series of photos on Instagram with their daughter Melody, and the caption read, “Somebody’s gonna be a big sis. New addition arriving Jan 2020.” As seen on previous seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Princess Love had a tense period, where the latter failed to get along with the rest of the Norwood family. Princess told ESSENCE that having a baby actually brought them closer together.

“The baby has brought us back together,” she revealed. “I think the reason me and [Ray J’s mom] clashed is because she says I’m a lot like her. So when two strong personalities disagree on something they clash.” She went on to say that things between the families have gotten better, and that, with the exception of her own mother, Ray’s mom is “the only person I trust with the baby.”

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