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Mabel Alabama Pearl McVey is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter with pure and unfiltered singing talent and songwriting ability, according to her website.

The artist, who recently released her first album and is promptly heading out on tour, will be performing at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on August 11, 2019. Mabel will be performing alongside other artists like Bazzi, Blanco Brown, OneRepublic, CNCO, and HRVY, among others.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mabel Was Born in Spain and Raised in Sweden

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Nothing's really changed. I still love a pose

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According to her website, Mabel was born in the mountains of Malaga, Spain on February 20, 1996. While she was born in Spain, Mabel was raised in Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied at the prestigious Rytmus Musikergymnasiet music school.

“I didn’t have many friends growing up,” Mabel said. “I wasn’t into other kids that much. I used to hate when adults would leave me alone. I would already know that we didn’t have the same chemistry, I almost feel like I didn’t have the innocence of being a child in that sense.”

Mabel might not have had many friends as a child, however, she was able to find comfort in music, her website says. Mabel would grow up to become an award-winning, world-touring, chart-topping artist.

2. Mabel Comes From a Family of Musicians

“Mum with her Brit awards when she was just a couple years older than me,” Mabel wrote on Instagram.

According to her website, Mabel was born into a musical dynasty and that music “quite literally” runs in her blood. Mabel’s father is producer Cameron McVey, best known for his seminal work with Massive Attack, Portishead, Sugababes and All Saints. Mabel’s mother is Neneh Cherry, the nineties music and style superstar who went on to pioneer early R&B.

Mabel shared a photo with her father for his birthday on August 11, 2019. She thanked him for teaching her how to be a boss from an early age.

Indeed, Mabel grew up around music and often went out on the road with her parents while they were on tour, according to Vogue. Mabel told the outlet that she has wanted to be a singer since she was five years old. While studying music in Sweden, Mabel reportedly began to write her own songs, which she kept a secret from her parents until she was 16.

Neneh shared a photo with her girls on Instagram for Mother’s Day 2019. Mabel and her sister Tyson can be seen hanging onto their mother when they were children.

3. Mabel Stepped Into the Music Scene in 2015

According to her website, Mabel quietly released the song “Know Me Better” on her personal SoundCloud page in September 2015. The track quickly gained traction and propelled Mabel’s music career forward, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Since Mabel’s initial success with “Know Me Better,” she has released additional hits like ‘Finders Keepers’ in 2017, which went platinum, spent five weeks in the top 10, and earned the singer her first nomination for a BRIT Award.

Mabel has become one of the UK’s most positive, candid lyrical voices, according to her website. Mabel’s songs frequently explore important, thought-provoking topics like sexual, racial, and personal identity, modern relationships, and self-discovery, among other things.

4. Mabel Recently Released Her First Album

According to her social media, Mabel released her first album “High Expectations” on August 2, 2019. She said it has been a three-year-long journey, which took a lot of time and taught her many lessons. Mabel said it is the project that she’s always dreamt of making.

“The album is about self love and confidence and I’ve made it for anyone who’s ever felt like they’re not enough because I know what that feeling is,” Mabel wrote on Instagram. “I hope that listening to this album makes you feel as good about yourself as it’s made me feel writing it.”

The album is complete with 20 songs and takes about an hour to listen from beginning to end. The songs have already raked in millions of views on YouTube. According to The List, Mabel will embark on the High Expectations Tour across North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe from August 12, 2019 until March 8, 2020.

5. Mabel Says Her Career is Only Just Beginning

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Mabel has almost 700,000 followers on Instagram, another 117,000 followers on Twitter, over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, and almost 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. And those numbers grow every day.

According to her website, Mabel’s music has become not only a soundtrack for herself, but also for her young female fanbase. Mable has worked to seamlessly shift between the worlds of music, fashion, dance and art. The singer has already collaborated with Stormzy or Tate Modern for campaigns with Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Topshop. She collaborated on tracks with Not3s, Kojo Funds, Jax Jones, Raye and Stefflon Don.

“I hate the expression ‘finding yourself’ but I do feel like that’s what I’ve been doing,” Mabel said. “I can’t please everyone but I can create something that makes me happy, and that’s the most important thing. This is just the beginning.”

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