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Married at First Sight, Lifetime’s experimental reality series featuring couples who meet at the alter, airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c. Season 9 episode 9 will feature even more drama between Jamie and Elizabeth (shocking!) during their one-month wedding anniversary, and some tension between Iris and Keith over her virginity.

The episode promos below appear to focus primarily on the two couples mentioned above, although we are sure Deonna and Greg and Matt and Amber will also make an appearance. It looks like Iris and Keith are struggling to breach the subject of her virginity and find a comfortable way in which to talk about sex, while Jamie is getting frustrated that Elizabeth is only focusing on herself while they celebrate their anniversary together.

The promo above shows Jamie and Elizabeth enjoying a late night picnic, complete with snacks, champagne, and a sweet photo album filled with pictures from their wedding. As the two pour over the pictures, Elizabeth keeps pointing out how pretty her hair color was, how nice her lips looked, and how big her breasts appeared in the pictures, while Jamie was trying to comment on how happy he was that they clicked so well the first day they met, and how they weren’t awkward at all.

Jamie is clearly getting impatient with her comments, and starts to only respond with “mm-hmm,” and “yeah,” to her comments about her appearance. Jamie tells the cameras “I’m sitting there like, ‘do you even care about us being married? and the fact that we had our wedding here exactly a month ago?’ or are you just focusing on hair and dress?’ I thought this day was about us and now it just seems like it’s about her.”

Jamie must eventually confront his wife about his anniversary frustartions, because another promo (below) shows the two in a huge, blowout argument. Cameras set up throughout their apartment shows Elizabeth shouting “I’m not doing this Jamie” while Jamie packs up a few bags and leaves, telling Elizabeth “Bye, have a good life.”

“I just can’t take it anymore,” a sobbing Elizabeth records herself saying. So viewers can expect some serious drama from these two during tonight’s episode.

Iris and Keith appear to be having their own anniversary issues, as another clip from tonight’s episode shows Keith asking her how he can more comfortably (and gently) initiate sex with his virgin wife.

“How would you like for me to initiate sex?” he asks her in this clip. Iris looks visibly uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to respond. Keith tells the camera that he can “tell Iris is a little uncomfortable” and says “I think Iris is a really mature person, but sexual experience is just not a place where I think she is very mature in, and that’s becoming apparent.” Keith also tells the cameras in the clip below that he would “feel terrible if he took Iris’ virginity and then we broke up.”

“All of the sudden it feels like my virginity is an issue for him,” Iris tells the cameras angrily. Will they be able to work through their intimacy issues, or will they end up calling it quits? It looks like Keith isn’t sure if he wants to be intimate with her unless they can work through some of their problems, and doesn’t want to take something so important from her and then they split up, so at least he appears to be trying to be a gentleman about everything.


On a happier note, Deonna and Greg seem to be enjoying a cute and flirty anniversary card game in this clip from tonight’s episode. The two are sharing an intimate night in and playing a couple’s card game, when Deonna picks up a card that says they need to “kiss for seven seconds.” Greg only pretends to hit the timer so he can sneak a little bit more time in kissing his wife, so it looks like at least one couple is having a fun anniversary.

Tune in tonight at at 8:30/7:30c on Lifetime to catch the newest episode of Married at First Sight.

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