What’s New on Shudder in September 2019

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Shudder is gearing up for the Halloween season with a mix of originals, exclusives, and new content. While The Last Drive-In was one of their first forays into original material, the service is going all out with both a new TV series based on a classic film and an exclusive from one of cult’s cinema most recent hits.

What’s New for September:

September 5

The Wraith:A Shudder Original

September 9

Train to Busan

September 16

Hands of the Ripper

September 19

Hell House LLC: Lake Of Fire: Shudder Exclusive

A reporter and her crew accept a special invitation to visit the Abaddon Hotel. What they find is a live performance that ties into everything fans know about the famous location.

September 23

Twins of Evil
Vampire Circus

September 26

Creepshow: A Shudder Original Series

Greg Nicotero (​The Walking Dead​) takes the helm of this weekly series based on the beloved 1982 horror classic. The first episode includes vignettes Gray Matter and The House of the Head. Look for additional episodes to run until October 31st.

September 30

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Unknown  Release  Dates

One Cut of the Dead