‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Season 14 Cast Spoilers

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Real Housewives of Orange County is back. The reality series premieres its 14th season tonight on Bravo, and with it comes tons of drama, deception, and shocking discoveries. Read on for a rundown of the main cast members and what they’re dealing as they go into the premiere episode.

The cast member making the most noise heading into the premiere is Emily Simpson. The star recently sat down for an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, where she criticized the rest of the cast and said that she doesn’t trust them. “I’m just gonna group them all together and just say the Tres Amigas,” she revealed. “I think that those three are just out for themselves. I don’t trust them as a whole, as a group. The Tres Amigas — they self-proclaim themselves the Tres Amigas — it’s Shannon, Vicki and Tamra. They stick together very tightly and they don’t like to go outside their group, so I would be leery of trying to infiltrate that group.”

Emily Simpson Called Out the ‘Tres Amigas’ for Being Fake During Season 14

Simpson also singled out Shannon Beador for being “fake” when the cameras are rolling. “I just know that some of the other women have made comments that Shannon Beador is very different when she’s not filming, so that is just things that I’ve heard from other people that’re closer to her than I am,” she added. “I don’t know her very well at all. She still doesn’t talk to me very much.” In addition to her controversial stance, the synopsis for the premiere says that Simpson will try to adjust to life as a single mother.

Beador, meanwhile, will spend most of the season dealing with her new boyfriend, John Janssen, and working to keep off the 40 pounds that she lost between seasons. She also said that while there’s tons of drama that went on during shooting, she’s trying to stay out of it. “I know that I had fun. And I don’t know if I was a peace-keeper — I don’t know what you would call me — but I tried to diffuse drama this year because I’m just tired of it,” she explained. “I started to get involved in other people’s drama to try and point out to them that there are other ways to go about life than fighting like this.”

Shannon Beador Said That She Tried to Play ‘Peacekeeper’ During the Season’s Fights

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“I mean, there are things here and there that, yes, I am absolutely involved in,” Beador admitted. “But I feel as though that I try and resolve things as quickly as possible and move forward.” She also spoke on the status of Vicki Gunvalson, a series OG who is also part of the Tres Amigas, and who was demoted to cast friend instead of main cast member.  “Vicki might not be holding an orange, but she is an integral part of the show, and she always will be,” Beador confirmed.

“Most of the time when I was filming in a group setting, I was with her, so she is present in the show, and she always will be,” she continued. “There’s not many people that can say — there certainly aren’t many, if any, actors that can say — that they were on a successful television show for 14 years, but yet, she can. She’s done something that most haven’t.”

Elsewhere, cast member Kelly Dodd reportedly becomes smitten with a plastic surgeon named Brian Reagan. The couple will carry on a romance throughout the season, but according to The Inquisitr, things fizzled out shortly after they filmed their scenes. A source close to the couple said that scheduling conflicts were to blame for their split.