Sarah Mutch, Kurt Rappaport’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sarah Mutch, 34, a model best known for appearing in advertisements for Guess, has been accused of trying to extort her estranged husband, celebrity realtor Kurt Rappaport. She denies the allegation and claims the divorce came about due to a disagreement about whether to have children.

The couple got married in September of 2017. Mutch was reportedly unhappy with the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement and demanded that Rappaport disregard the document. Rappaport alleges that after he refused, Mutch put more than $700,000 in purchases on his credit cards, according to court documents cited by The Blast.

Rappaport, 48, filed for divorce in February of 2019 after just 16 months of marriage. In a civil lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on July 31, 2019, Rappaport alleged that Mutch had threatened to spread malicious rumors about him and his friends unless Rappaport agreed to give her millions of dollars in the divorce, TMZ reported. Again, Mutch denies ever making such threats.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Kurt Rappaport Claims Sarah Mutch Threatened to End the Marriage Herself Unless He Destroyed the Prenup & Gave Her ‘Millions & Millions of Dollars’

Sarah Mutch did agree to sign a prenup before marrying Kurt Rappaport. According to TMZ, Mutch would receive a settlement of $45,000 per month in the case of a divorce. She would receive those payments for half the duration of the marriage. They were married only 16 months, meaning Mutch would get these payments for only 8 months.

Rappaport alleges that Mutch went on a spending spree after he refused to destroy the prenup. He also accuses Mutch of making threats against him after he filed for divorce in February. According to an April police report cited by TMZ, Rappaport claimed that Mutch threatened to fabricate a story of sexual harassment by Rappaport’s friends, and told him, “If I don’t get what I want, I’m going to drop a bomb and end your career in a week!”

2. Sarah Mutch Says the Divorce Came About Because She Wanted Children & Kurt Rappaport Did Not

Kurt Rappaport was previously married and has three children. Sarah Mutch claims in court documents that the real reason their marriage broke apart so quickly was that she wanted to have her own kids and Rappaport was not on board with that.

Mutch denies Rappaport’s claims that she threatened to ruin his professional reputation, TMZ reports. She also says that Rappaport called her a “greedy monster” and accused her of only caring about money following a bitter fight over whether to have kids.

Mutch is reportedly asking for spousal support while the divorce case continues.

3. Sarah Mutch & Kurt Rappaport’s Wedding Was a Lavish Affair With Several Celebrity Guests

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Kurt Rappaport and Sarah Mutch didn’t cut any corners for their 2017 nuptials. The wedding took place at his 15,000 square foot home in Malibu, which he built himself after acquiring the land in 2006, according to Architectural Digest. Christina Aguilera performed, and guests included Sean Combs, Ryan Seacrest, and Larry King.

Rappaport counts many Hollywood celebrities on his list of friends. He is the co-founder of Westside Estate Agency, which has offices in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Miami.

As a real estate agent, Rappaport has represented celebs including Adam Levine, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, Sean Combs and Ellen Degeneres during their respective home searches. According to the real estate agency’s website, Rappaport recently sold an estate in Los Angeles for $160 million. The massive home was originally built by Aaron & Candy Spelling.

4. Sarah Mutch Was Represented by LA Models & is Best Known as a Former Guess Model

Sarah Mutch is originally from Vancouver and began modeling as a teenager. She is best known as a former face of Guess.

In 2008, Mutch was ranked #67 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Mutch was represented by LA Model Management, according to the agency’s website. The Instagram picture embedded above was shared by LA Models on December 21, 2018.

5. Sarah Mutch Has Also Had a Handful of Acting Roles

In addition to modeling, Sarah Mutch has a few acting credits on her resume. According to IMDB, Mutch guest-starred on a 2005 episode of the CW’s Smallville and a 2006 episode of Supernatural.

Mutch’s movie credits include the horror-comedy Chillerama and the drama Funkytown in 2011.

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