Why Taylor Swift & Alex Morgan Both Love the Number 13

Instagram Taylor Swift and Alex Morgan

Creating a duo we never knew we needed, pop singer Taylor Swift and U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team star Alex Morgan redefined ultimate friendship goals at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday evening. Swift was at the TCA ceremony in Hermosa Beach, California, to receive the Inaugural Icon Award, and Morgan, who was a key player in helping the USWNT win the World Cup this past summer, was attending as an honored guest.

While the “You Need to Come Down” singer was featured on Morgan’s Instagram story throughout the evening, Swift posted a photo of them on Twitter with the caption, “The thirteens really jumped out.”

Swift and Morgan Both Love the Number 13

While this is perhaps the least interesting part of Swift and Morgan’s new friendship and mutual adoration, it bears explaining since the pop star mentions them being “thirteens” in her photo caption. Swift, who was born on December 13, has always incorporated the number in some way in her music and album releases, while Morgan wears the No. 13 on her soccer jersey, because it’s her favorite number. Both of them also use the number 13 in their social media handles.

While the number 13 may have a reputation of being unlucky, it has proved to be a winning digit for both Swift and Morgan. While on woman has become one of the most successful artists of the decade, the other is one of the most decorated athletes in her field.

Swift Praised Morgan In Her Acceptance Speech

Taylor Swift and Alex Morgan

Morgan was on hand to present Swift with her Icon Award, and in turn Swift showered her with praise during her acceptance speech. The 29-year-old singer said, “We have a lot to talk about. Wow. First I want to talk about Alex Morgan. The fact that she’s here presenting this to me is such an honor.”

Swift continued, “While they were winning the World Cup they were also taking a historic stand in terms of gender equality, gender pay gap. Please, please, please support her and her teammates because this isn’t over yet. It’s not resolved. What happened to them is unfair, it’s happening everywhere and they are heroes and icons for standing up.”

To read about the pay gap difference between the USWNT and the USMNT click here. In an interview with TIME Morgan said of the discrepancy, “We have to do more in general–we have to be the athlete, we have to be the role model, we have to lead the way for the next generation. Are male athletes doing that? Are they thinking about anyone other than themselves? I don’t know. We do have more than one job within this role, and are getting paid much less.”

To finish up her speech at the TCAs, Swift reminded viewers that her upcoming Lover album will be released on August 23, as if anyone at the Teen Choice Awards would forget such a thing, she closed with an uplifting message to her young fans. “I think one thing I wish I would have known whenI was a teen are mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes you think if you try hard enough to make every decision perfectly, you think you can possibly you can ace life and never make mistakes,” Swift said. “But it’s normal to make mistakes.”

“If you’re out there and you’re being really hard on yourself right now for something that’s happened, or messing up or feeling embarrassed, it’s normal,” she said. “That’s what going to happen to you in life. No one gets through unscathed. We’re all going to have a few scratches on us… Please be kind to yourselves and stand up for yourself, please.”

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