Here’s What Taylor Swift & Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Are Up to Today

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are still happily dating, three years after they first met. The couple keeps a relatively low profile, rarely stepping out in public, but things seem to be going smoothly.

With the highly-anticipated release of Swift’s album, Lover, there is a renewed sense of curiosity surrounding Swift, especially when it comes to her personal life. It is believed that Alwyn served as inspiration for several of Swift’s new songs. Her very latest single, “Lover,” which is the title track on Swift’s seventh studio album, is one example. In fact, the lyrics have sparked several rumors that Swift and Alwyn are already engaged.

The 29-year-old country-turned-pop star hasn’t confirmed or denied any engagement rumors, despite what her lyrics might suggest. But her relationship seems to be in a good place overall.

Here’s what you need to know:

Swift & Alwyn May Be Living Together

Taylor Swift

Rumors that Swift and Alwyn are living together have been abundant over the past several months, so it’s really no surprise that the two may invest in some property together. According to Page Six, Swift and Alwyn split their time between her home in Tennessee and his home in the UK — and a source told the outlet that Swift is ready to put some serious cash down on a sizeable pad in London.

“Taylor is looking for a grand home in London with two kitchens, so she and Joe can live in privacy and entertain properly. They’ve been splitting their time between [his native] London and [her home in] Nashville — and she keeps sending her jet for him so they can be together. She has three private jets and even her own hangar,” a source told Page Six.

He’s Proven to Be Her Rock During Tough Times

Joe Alwyn

Swift has certainly had her fair share of ups and downs when it comes to being in the spotlight. In Joe, she has found someone to stand by her side in the good and the bad times. In recent months, Swift found herself embroiled in a feud with Scooter Braun.

While things heated up — especially on the internet — Swift received an outpouring of support from her family, friends, and fans — and a source said that Alwyn was part of that support system.

“Taylor‘s loved ones have all rallied around her to support her through this battle, she’s not alone in this fight. Her boyfriend Joe has been a total rock in all of this, he’s very supportive of her taking a stand… he’s got a strong backbone. Taylor has always been pretty fearless when it comes to speaking her truth but having such a solid healthy relationship makes her feel that much stronger. What she’s going through with Scooter is so challenging, but the good news is that her personal life is all smooth sailing. She’s very grateful for that,” a source told Hollywood Life last month.

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