‘The 100’ Season 6 Episode 13: All the Unanswered Questions from the Finale

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Fans were left with a lot of unanswered questions after The 100 Season 6 finale on Tuesday night. Episode 13 solved some issues but left more questions than it answered. This post has spoilers for Season 6 Episode 13. 

Why Is Russell Still Alive?

No one really gets this one… Why didn’t Clarke kill Russell? My only guess is so he can live in pain, just like she feels about Abby. Russell put her through a lot, so he probably does deserve to suffer from it.

What Happened to Sheidheda?

Sheidheda aka the Dark Commander is still alive. Raven copied his file over from the Flame drive and onto the ship’s computer. It was supposed to be separated from the rest of the ship, but it looks like his code somehow escaped. I’m guessing he’s somewhere on the ship and might possibly find a way to download into one of the people who are currently in cryosleep. But maybe he’ll find a way to load himself into another drive.

Some fans have a more fascinating theory. They think Sheidheda somehow loaded himself into the anomaly cloud and he is the “he” that Hope and Octavia are talking about at the end.

Is the Flame Dead?

Gia looked positively heartbroken about the Flame when it was taken out of Madi. I don’t think the Flame is dead though. I have a feeling they’ll implant the Flame in Echo. The commanders are still “alive” in the Flame, as we heard from Maddi talking about what Lexa told her and Sheidheda about Clarke. Their knowledge is still useful.

But this is an important point to remember: The Flame did NOT upload onto the ship’s computer. That was the Sheiheda code that was taken out of the Flame. The rest of the commanders are still in the Flame chip.

What’s the Deal with Jordan & the Mind Drive?

Jordan seemed really strange after his blood-induced trip, when all was said and done. He wants to help Sanctum clean up and he’s pretty upset about the havoc they wreaked on the once peaceful community. He’s given what some people thought was a stone, but it was actually a mind drive. It might have been Priya’s mind-drive, which is weird because the girl he was in love with is not on that drive. Someone fans had a darker theory and wonder if it’s Emori’s drive since she was with him and we haven’t seen her. But I can’t imagine Jordan getting Emori’s drive instead of Murphy.

I’m wondering if Jordan will try to restart the entire Prime religion with that drive. He seemed kind of brainwashed at the end. Then again, he might just have a lot of Monty in him and be seeing things from other people’s sides. Jordan, like Monty, loves and prefers peace.

Who Did Octavia See at the End? What Happened to Octavia & Diyoza?

The girl that Octavia saw at the very end of the finale was Hope, Diyoza’s daughter. We don’t know what happened to Diyoza, but we do know that she’s still alive. And somehow a lot of time passed in the time anomaly (even though Octavia didn’t age at all.)

“I couldn’t get out of it,” she said to Octavia. “He has my mother. I’m so sorry Octavia.”

I’m guessing “couldn’t get out of it” refers to an order someone gave Hope to kill Octavia. Because then Hope stabs Octavia and Octavia says: “Be brave. Tell him it’s done,” before she’s swept away into the anomaly cloud.

I personally do NOT think that Octavia died. I think this is another step on her redemption arc.

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