Is ‘The Hills’ on TV Tonight? When Is the Next Episode?

How to Watch The Hills New Beginnings Online


The Hills: New Beginnings reunites the original cast members of The Hills, and follows them as they go through relationships, romances, and drama while living in Los Angeles. The series usually airs on Mondays, but given that the Video Music Awards (VMAs) air tonight, some may be curious as to whether a new episode has been pushed back.

According to VH1, there will not be a new episode of The Hills: New Beginnings tonight. The usual time slot will be filled by the VMAs, and episode ten will premiere on Monday, September 2 at the usual 10 p.m. ET slot. There are several story threads to follow on The Hills, including the ongoing feud between Audrina and Stephanie, and the fact that Brody and Kaitlynn weren’t invited to Spencer and Heidi’s bachelor party.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Will Not Air Tonight & Will Premiere a New Episode Next Week

The strain on Spencer and Brody’s friendship has hit a fever pitch in recent weeks. “I have my own issues with Brody, but with what happened with Stephanie, (has) put me in an impossible place,” he told his sister Stephanie. “It’s tough because Brody and I were such close friends. He helped introduce me to Heidi, and now I am so conflicted about what to do.” This is right on the heels of the Brody’s split from wife Kaitlynn.

The couple’s relationship has gotten lots of attention as of late, due to the fact that both have been seen cozying up to celebrity partners. Brody was spotted kissing Josie Canseco, while In Touch Weekly reports that Kaitlynn hooked up with pop singer Miley Cyrus. Spencer weighed in on the failed marriage during a recent appearance on the Almost Famous podcast.

Heidi Montag Is Continuing to Pursue a Career As a Christian Pop Singer

“I’m not surprised. I think season 2 we’re going to get to see real Brody… I think he’s [going to have] way more fun,” he revealed. He’s way less intense. I feel like he has a lot going on, so I just hope we get to see relaxed Brody, having fun, barbecue, for real Brody. So that I look forward to. I think there’ll be a lot of success in Brody. I feel like I said it that he almost was like a hostage, it felt like he was trying to tell me, ‘Get me out, get me out.’

Another story thread sees Heidi pursue a career as a Christian pop singer. On the July 29 episode, she revealed that a song of hers, “Higher,” actually went viral and climbed to No. 4 in Tokyo, and that she wants to keep the ball rolling. “I’ve had a lot of time in the past few years to reflect, and one of the biggest things in my life is being a Christian. So, I really want to put out a great, faith-based, positive song,” she said.

“I feel like now, where I’m at, is more of a heartfelt, Christian vibe,” Heidi added. “[It’s] pop music, but there’s a Christian message. It’s just one song, but I want to do something good and send out a positive message to the world.” Last week, Heidi dropped a new track in conjunction with the series, titled “Glitter & Glory.”