What Did Jamie Do on ‘Yellowstone’?


If you’re watching Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 7 tonight, then you might be wondering what Jamie did to make everyone mad. It was clearly explained last week, so this post will have major spoilers from Episode 6 and some spoilers from Episode 7. 

This is your last spoiler warning. 

Jamie’s Interview with the Reporter Went Terribly Wrong

Jamie had an interview with Sarah Nguyen, the journalist who wanted to do an expose on John Dutton. He was at war with his dad at one point and wanted to do what it would take to win the race for Attorney General.

But at one point, he started to get cold feet and realized he didn’t want to betray his family in the way that was needed in order for him to win the race. Rainwater wanted to fund his campaign, but he didn’t want to take money from his dad’s greatest enemy.

So he dropped out of the race and rejoined the family’s good graces. But it wasn’t enough because Sarah still planned to run with the expose about John Dutton, exposing his dad and possibly ruining him.

Jamie met with Sarah to try to get her to change her mind. But she wouldn’t do it. He said he was a lawyer and was rescinding his comments, but she said the First Amendment protected her and she was running with his quotes anyway.

So Jamie lost it and murdered Sarah. He strangled her to death while screaming about how he was sorry. She fought back, but Jamie just followed through until he finally killed her.

It’s worth noting that we were never shown just what Jamie said in that interview. It had to have been something pretty terrible though – enough to ruin his dad and maybe cause the family to lose the ranch. The Duttons have some pretty dark secrets that even we, the viewers, don’t know about.

The Duttons Must Have Some Very Dark Secrets, But Jamie Might Have More Secrets Too

The rest of the episode was spent with Rip covering up for Jamie and hiding his crime, to try to keep the Dutton family in the clear. He got Walker to help him, without Walker realizing he was becoming an accessory to murder, and that’s the reason why Walker ultimately left last week. They made it looks like Sarah drowned. Or at least they tried to do that.

It’s hard to imagine that Jamie will get away with this. And if the truth comes out, it might cause people to dig into the Dutton family’s history. I’m not sure what all is there, but apparently it’s enough to ruin them.

That’s why Beth told Jamie to kill himself, and why John said something similar. That’s why Jamie was suicidal. He thinks he has a lot of darkness within him and he’ll never stop.

But I’m thinking there’s even more to Jamie’s story than what happened to the reporter. I’m guessing he has even more darkness in his past than this. Jamie went to Harvard rather than staying at the ranch like his brothers. I’m going to guess that there is some darkness in his past that’s been covered up before, and that’s why he thinks there’s no hope for him. It might also explain why Beth hates him so much. He’s done more than we’ve seen on screen. There has to be more behind Beth’s intense hatred for him.