Winter’s Boyfriend Jah on The Family Chantel

Winter and Jah, The Family Chantel

TLC/YouTube Winter's boyfriend Jah appears alongside the Chantel Everett and the rest of her family on TLC's hit reality series "The Family Chantel."

Winter Everett, 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Everett’s sister, has been dating her boyfriend Jah for five years and helping him raise his daughter Liani. Winter has appeared alongside Chantel and the rest of her family on TLC’s new spinoff series The Family Chantel and the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé for the last several years.

However, Chantel and her mother Karen recently hired a private investigator to look into Jah and uncovered some shocking news about the man, so it looks like Winter doesn’t know her beau as well as she thought she did over the last five years. The promo for tonight’s episode of The Family Chantel shows Chantel and Karen on their way to confront Jah on his big secret.

The synopsis for the August 12 episode reads: “After hiring a Private Investigator to dig up dirt on Chantel’s sister Winter’s long-term boyfriend, Jah, Chantel and her mother, Karen, find out some seriously shocking news that they can’t ignore. Even though they know it will absolutely break Winter’s heart, they rush over to her apartment to confront Jah about his six-year secret and to tell Winter the truth.”

Here’s what we know about Winter’s boyfriend Jah:

Jah & Winter Started Dating When She Was 19 & Winter Was Immediately Smitten With His Daughter Liani

Jah and Winter began dating when Winter was just 19-years-old, and the two have now been together for five years. Jah had an infant daughter when the two first met, and Winter has helped him raise Liani since they got together.

“It was a crazy experience. I became an insta-mom,” Winter said of her immediate connection with Liani. “At first, I was very nervous because no one’s ever ready to be a mom. But we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Just last week, Winter posted a now-deleted video on Instagram with the little girl where she calls Winter “mom,” according to Distractify, so it’s clear Winter is still very attached to her boyfriend’s daughter.

He Isn’t a Fan of Winter’s Parents Karen and Thomas & Believes They are too Controlling

First Look: TLC's New Series "The Family Chantel"Buckle up, TLC and 90 Day Fiancé fans! Hot off their upcoming appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, fan-favorites Pedro and Chantel and their lively in-laws will be the focal point of a spinoff series from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise called "The Family Chantel", premiering Monday July 22 10/9c. Subscribe to TLC:…2019-06-27T17:00:06Z

After seeing how Karen and Thomas have treated Chantel’s husband Pedro over the last few years, Jah has admitted that he isn’t a huge fan of his girlfriend’s parents. “Winter’s family, they’re a little overbearing,” he told the cameras on an earlier episode of the show. “You know, they like to pry a lot… sometimes take it to the extreme.”

He expressed a similar sentiment while on a date with Winter. “I just feel like your parents control a lot. They control a lot of things,” he stated. “I just don’t want them to control our relationship like they’re controlling your sister and Pedro’s relationship.”

In the promo above, Winter explains that Chantel and Pedro‘s relationship is totally different from theirs and that he has nothing to worry about. However, her sweet, trusting comment leads Jah to reveal to the cameras that he’s been keeping a secret from Winter that could destroy their entire relationship. Read more about Jah’s big secret below.

Jah Revealed That He Was Hiding Something From Winter That Could Ruin Their Relationship

Jah stated on an earlier episode of The Family Chantel that he was hiding something from Winter that could mean the end of their relationship. After Winter told him that he didn’t have to worry about her parents being too involved in their relationship because they have an “open relationship” and don’t hide things from each other, Jah told the cameras during a confessional that he has “some things that I haven’t told Winter because I don’t want to scare her away. I’m very nervous of the family finding out before I can get that chance to let her know what’s going on.”

According to Monsters and Critics, Jah’s big secret was revealed at the end of the episode after Chantel and Karen continued to dig into his past with the help of a private investigator. It turns out Jah has another child that he hadn’t told Winter about, and Chantel and Karen plan to confront him about the news on tonight’s episode of The Family Chantel.

Fans will have to wait and see how Winter feels about her boyfriend having another child by turning in tonight at 10/9c on TLC to see how it all plays out.

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