Devon Sawa Tells Aaron Carter to ‘Call Me’ Amid Public Spiral

Getty Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa feels for Aaron Carter amidst his ongoing family drama and seemingly public breakdown, and reached out to the former pop star via Twitter. As a former teen heartthrob, who was also thrust into the spotlight during his formative years, starring in popular films such as Little Giants, Now and Then, and Casper, Sawa knows exactly what it’s like to have an immense amount of attention as young star, how it feels to have fade it then away, and the difficulty of trying to live a normal life while continuing to work in the industry.

On Sunday, Sawa, 41, who’s been married to wife Dawni Shanovitch since 2010, and continues to work consistently in both TV and film, tweeted out to Carter that if social media was around during his heyday, and alludes to prior drug use, that he too might’ve gone off the rails on Twitter.

Sawa wrote, “Watching this Aaron Carter stuff reminds me of how lucky I was that I quit … stuff… 13 years ago, before the age of social media. You think my tweets are weird now, I would’ve sent some shit back then. Also, Aaron, call me when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Carter saw his message, even though Sawa did not personally tag him in the post, and retweeted it with a note of his own. Carter, who recently got a massive face tattoo of Medusa on right side of his head, has been tweeting off-kilter messages non-stop after his older brother, Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter, 39, and twin sister, Angel Carter, 31, were granted restraining orders against him for fear of violence amidst his possible unhealthy state of mind.

In one of his tweets, the “Aaron’s Party” singer alleges that his late older sister Leslie Carter, who died of an overdose in 2012 at age 25, raped him for three years. Nick Carter told Fox News that his little brother’s claims against Leslie were “completely false” and “fabricated.”

Aaron, however, denies all allegations that he’s mentally unwell, or has threatened violence against his family, and refutes and claims that he’s lying in any of his tweets. On late Friday night, he tweeted, “I WILL be showing up to court for my sister, Angel’s case against me. But I will not be going for my brother, Nick. I don’t care if he has a restraining order against me, I will never see or speak to him again or the rest of my family.”

As for Carter’s reply to Sawa, the 31-year-old singer kept it kind. He said, “we can only conquer what we conjure. I am a lion! I’m a millennial and the media doesn’t have the power = The Fans do. as long as you love your fans and treat people good good things will happen. we just can’t expect that to happen. do good things out of thew kindness of ur heart.”

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