Adam Rippon’s Boyfriend: Is the Figure Skater In a Relationship?

Adam Rippon Dancing With the Stars, Dancing With the Stars Athletes Winner

Photo By: ABC - Kelsey McNeal

Adam Rippon is an American figure skater who soared to fame competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. He has since won season 26 of Dancing with the Stars with professional dancer Jenna Johnson, and tonight, he will be competing on an all-new episode of “Celebrity Family Feud.”

As he takes to the stage, fans may grow curious about his personal life. Is Rippon in a relationship? Who is he dating? Here’s what we know.

According to a May article by People, Rippon is in a relationship with a man named JP Kajaala. There is no evidence pointing to a break-up, and it’s presumed that the two have been in a relationship for about a year and a half.

Speaking to People about whether or not Kajaala will ever join him on the ice, Rippon said, “He has not been skating for years.”

Rippon added that Kajaala grew up in Finland around skating, and the two eventually met on Tinder when Rippon was in Scandinavia in 2017.

According to his Facebook page, (before it was made private, according to Bustle), Kajaala works at Kasslin LKV, a real estate business.

In a previous interview with People, Rippon opened up about relationships. He shared, “I think a lot of people are afraid to be single and I fully embraced it, because I have really invested a lot of time into thinking about: What do I want to do?” He added, “What’s important to me? What gives me the most energy? What inspires me the most? If I can meet a guy that falls into that and is supportive of that, that’s great.”

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These days, Rippon is retired from figure skating, but he still does his best to keep close to the sport. Since his time in the Olympics, the 29-year-old has launched a YouTube channel and penned a book called, “Beautiful on the Outside.” It is slated to be released October 15.

Speaking to NBC Sports about how close hs is to figure skating these days, he shared, “Figure skating is something that I do as a passion. It’s something that I’ll always love. It’s something to keep using my brain in that artistic way.”

He added, “I’m lucky to do so many other things, but, because of that, I don’t have a lot of time to skate. I can’t really commit to helping a lot of people. But this year I did a free skate for Mae-Berenice [Meite] from France. I did Mariah Bell’s short program. For right now, I’m really doing programs for my friends who I’ve known for a while and who I know will work really hard. I’m really grateful they’ve trusted me.”

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