AHS 1984 Cast & Live Premiere Spoilers

AHS 1984 Cast


Every season of American Horror Story, the show returns with new characters and a new theme, which means that even the returning actors play new roles. Season 9 of the series is titled AHS 1984 and it is slasher-themed, taking place at a summer camp called “Camp Redwood”. There are a lot of returning actors, as well as some new faces. Emma Roberts is back and plays the role of Brooke, but her ex in real life, Evan Peters, has not returned this season. Olympian Gus Kenworthy has joined the cast and he is playing Roberts’ boyfriend, Chet Clancy. The other main cast members include:

Billie Lourd as Montana Duke
Leslie Grossman as Margaret Booth
Cody Fern as Xavier Plympton
Matthew Morrison as Trevor Kirchner
John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Jingles
Angelica Ross as Rita
Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez

Now, before we get into the spoilers on the premiere episode, as we update this post live, THIS IS YOUR SPOILERS WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it …


Episode 1, titled “Camp Redwood”, starts out with the year 1970 showing across the screen. Two females are kissing secretly behind a sheet in a cabin full of campers when a third person, male, comes up from under the sheets. The door to the cabin opens and one of them hears “jingling”. The three continue to kiss and get undressed, but, just as one takes off her shirt, she witnesses the other two get stabbed to death. She then meets the same fate, getting stabbed in the eye.

Mr. Jingles drags her from the cabin and also cuts off her ear. He lays the three together, in a cabin full of bloody corpses.

The show then moves into the 1980’s, introducing the cast members through an 80’s aerobic workout class. During the class, Chet gets flirtatious with Brooke. The episode then cuts to the locker room, where Montana attempts to befriend Brooke. When they leave the locker room, they hear Xavier talking about homicide and Brooke chimes in.

Xavier tells Brooke that he is an actor and he tells the others that he has a gig as a counselor for the summer. He encourages Chet, Brooke, Montana, and Ray to join him.

When Brooke is asleep in her apartment, she’s awakened by an intruder who attempts to rob and attack her. As he fleas, he tells Brooke that he will find her and that “Satan” will show him the way. Brooke decides to join Montana and the others to go to Camp Redwood and work as counselors. On the way up, Chet, Ray, and Montana snort cocaine while Brooke rejects their offer.

Xavier attempts to use a payphone on the way and someone on the end of the line says there’s nowhere for him to hide. A man at the gas station tells the group that they should turn around and head home because if they go to Camp Redwood they’re all going to die. He tells them “they never should have opened up that place again”. While Xavier is driving towards the camp, he hits a young man, who says he can’t remember his name. Xavier tells the group to get their stories straight, that he didn’t hit the guy.

The young man tells Brooke that they have to believe him. He says, “I tried” and passes out.

The group brings the man they hit back to the camp and are greeted by Margaret Booth, who tells them that they are understaffed and campers will arrive in the morning. The camp nurse questions the group about how they found the man and says she’ll help get him back in good health.

Booth gives the new counselors a tour of the area and the cabins. She also stressed that she wants a godly and safe place for her campers.

At night, everyone gathers around the campfire and the nurse attempts to tell them about the killings at the camp 14 years prior. She said that Camp Redwood is the site of the worst camp massacre in history. She then tells the group about Mr. Jingles, that he liked to kill, and that he cut off everyone’s ears and strung them into a necklace.

Booth interrupted the story-telling, revealing she had one ear missing. She said she was asleep when she heard Mr. Jingles’ keys. She said she felt the blade and knew she was going to die, but, miraculously, she survived. Somehow, she didn’t flinch when Mr. Jingles took her eye. Booth said it was through Jesus that she survived.

Mr. Jingles went to trial, but Booth said she can’t escape him. She bought the camp to turn her dark memories into “something bright and happy”.

Meanwhile, the man that they hit with their car wakes up in the infirmary, clearly disturbed. He feels for his ear, which has been cut off and he begins to panic as he looks at where his ear used to be, in the mirror.

Brooke goes to check on him and a light explodes. He tells her that she shouldn’t be there, while she tells him that he should be resting. He lets her know the phone lines are down. He tells Brooke to get out and that something terrible is going to happen if she doesn’t leave.

Brooke retreats to tell the others what happened, but they shrug off the hiker’s warnings. Activities director Trevor joins the gathering and the group can’t help but focus their attention on his large package.

Later on, Montana goes skinny dipping and Trevor joins her in the water. Montana spots a car turning its headlights on and off. Alarmed by it, she encourages Trevor to get out of the water, without cluing him in.

Meanwhile, all of the patients at a nearby mental hospital have broken out and Mr. Jingles escaped. He pretended to hang himself in his cell when a guard finds him. Mr. Jingles strangles him to the point that blood comes out of his eyes. He snagged the guard’s keys, untied himself, and left the building.

A female doctor investigates the escape and finds a newspaper clipping of the camp slayings in Mr. Jingles’ cell.

The man at the gas station who had warned the group about Mr. Jingles is working on a car when Jingles pays him a visit. While working under a car, Jingles removes the jacks and the car crushes the man. Jingles then steals his keys and crushes his face with his foot.

Chet and Ray get in an argument while it storms outside and Chet throws a can at him, cutting Ray’s hand. Ray leaves to go get a bandage, while Mr. Jingles pulls up to camp in a car from the gas station. Brooke attempts to help Ray and looks for bandages for him. When she goes into the infirmary, she doesn’t see the hiker until a door swings shut. The hiker is stabbed to death and hanging from the door. Brooke sees Mr. Jingles and runs into the woods as he runs after her. She falls, trying to escape from him, and heads back to the cabin where the rest of the group is hanging out. The guys shine their flashlight outside but see nothing.

The group then heads back to the infirmary looking for the dead hiker but his body is gone. No one believes Brooke, who is traumatized by the incident.

After cleaning up, Brooke lays in bed, back in the cabin with the group and then she starts to hear a phone ringing. She leaves the cabin to head to the ringing payphone. When Brooke picks up the phone, she hears keys jingling in the background.

The intruder from her apartment then is shown watching her.

And the episode ends …