Alec Baldwin Is Not Hailey Baldwin’s Dad

Hailey Baldwin Alec Baldwin


The name Baldwin has made headlines more than once over the past few months. Alec Baldwin has announced that he and his wife will have another child. Hailey Baldwin has married Justin Bieber. But just how are the two related? Who is in whose immediate family? Read on.

We’ll make this as simple as possible: there are four Baldwin brothers (Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen). Hailey is Stephen’s daughter, making her Alec’s niece. (Alec is, therefore, Hailey’s uncle.)

Last year, it was Alec who confirmed to a number of press outlets that Hailey and Justin were definitely married. At the 2018 Emmy Awards, Alec revealed, “They just went off and got married.”

Who else makes up the Baldwin family? Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger. She recently uploaded a number of Instagram photos that her family members are struggling to, well, fathom. On a near-nude photo of Ireland standing on a balcony, Alec wrote, “I’m sorry. What?” Her uncle, Billy, wrote, “Tough one for Uncle Billy to ‘like.’ #awkward.”

Alec Baldwin Roast

Tonight, Alec has a number of impressive comedians and actors roasting him at the Comedy Central Roast, including Robert De Niro, Caitlyn Jenner, Nikki Glaser, Adam Carolla, Chris Redd, Caroline Rhea, Ken Jeong, and Blake Griffin.

As many people know, the roast has already been filmed. A number of outlets have already boasted the best parts of the night, starting with Roastmaster Sean Hayes, who leads the ceremony saying, “It’s good to see all the diversity on the stage… We have gay, trans, black, Asian, mixed … I don’t know whether to roast these people or register them to vote.”

Jeff Ross adds, “Alec, I saw you in the movie Pearl Harbor, which was worse than the actual Pearl Harbor! I watched you get arrested for pummeling a guy over a parking space. Next time, why don’t you just valet your car and help out your brother’s business?”

Hailey Rhode Bieber & Justin Bieber

A recent ET Online article stated that Justin Bieber is looking forward to his fairy-tale wedding with Hailey. A source shared with the outlet that the couple is “gearing up for the event of their lives”. The wedding will take place later this month in Southern California.

“They wanted to celebrate their love and unity in front of the people they love, especially God,” the source shared.

The ceremony will reportedly be small and only incorporate family.

Justin and Hailey have known one another for years. The two met in 2009 when Steve Baldwin, Hailey’s father, introduced her to Bieber backstage at The Today Show. It wasn’t until 2016 that they became an item; Bieber shared a photo of the two kissing on Instagram. They were on and off again until July 2018, when the couple got back together.

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