‘All Rise’ Cast & Premiere Spoilers 2019

All Rise On CBS | First Look"Watch the preview trailer for All Rise, a new courthouse drama that follows the chaotic, hopeful and sometimes absurd lives of its judges, prosecutors and public defenders, as they work with bailiffs, clerks and cops to get justice for the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process. This fall, watch new episodes of…2019-05-15T21:34:52.000Z

Tonight is the premiere of CBS’ newest series, All Rise. Starring Simone Missick as Judge Lola Carmichael, the show follows judges, prosecutors, and public defenders in a Los Angeles courthouse.

Interested in learning more about the cast and spoilers for season 1 of the series? Read on.


All Rise stars Simone Missick as a “deeply empathetic attorney turned judge who forms the show’s main perspective and moral backbone,” according to Variety.

In a recent interview at the Television Critics Association in August, Missick shared, “I did a lot of research in getting ready for this role… I was able to listen to this amazing podcast called Serial. You hear these stories, you read these stories and yet you don’t really recognize the pull that comes from all angles, all of these people who are involved in this go home with something on themselves.”

Missick is perhaps best known for playing Detective Misty Knight in Luke Cage— which she also plays in The Defenders and Iron Fist. In February, news surfaced that the actress will be joining the second season of Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

All Rise will also star Wilson Bethel as Mark Callan. Bethel played Wade Kinsella on all four seasons of Hart of Dixie, and was a series regular on Daredevil. Marg Helgenberger, Jessica Camacho, J. Alex Brinson, Lindsay Mendez, and Ruthie Ann Miles round out the impressive procedural cast.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Helgenberger was asked what lured her back into the medium of television. She replied, “CBS does have a lot of shows that have had long runs including [CSI] for almost 12 seasons. I like to work. Who doesn’t like good writing and great characters, which All Rise has? In the pilot episode, Lisa only had two or three scenes, but my manager advised me to go meet with [the show’s producers] … From what [the producers] had to say, I was convinced that this could be a good place that I’d like to hang for a few years.”


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All Rise is garnering attention from critics, who admire its fresh take on the procedural courtroom drama.

In their review of the series, Variety writes, “‘All Rise’… both indulges the basics of the genre and finds some refreshing ways to twist them into slightly new, more intriguing shapes. Between its cast, subject matter, and many charming friendships, it almost feels like ‘All Rise’ accidentally wandered onto CBS’ schedule on its way to ABC’s Shonda Rhimes-diven TGIT lineup.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes that “CBS’ ‘All Rise’ offers a better-structured look at justice and injustice.” The outlet continues, “… in the battle of low-aspiration Monday night broadcast legal dramas, Bluff City Law may have the star power, but All Rise is the initially superior version of the legal procedural it’s trying to be.”

Be sure to tune into the premiere of All Rise, airing Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

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