Big Brother 21 Eviction Predictions – 9/19/2019

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Things are getting tense for the remaining Big Brother contestants. After a whirlwind of events that have both reinforced and broken alliances, Cliff Hogg is in the hot seat. Even though his partner Nicole Anthony is the Head of Household, Cliff has been unable to stave off his impending eviction. Read on to find out whether there’s hope for him during tonight’s episode.

Cliff was doomed from the moment Jackson Michie won Power of Veto. Jackson said that he would ensure Cliff’s placement in the final three, but he only said that to get Tommy Bracco out of the picture. Now that it’s come down to evicting Cliff or “showmance” partner Holly Allen, Jackson will almost certainly choose the former. Nicole has been critical of Jackson’s deception, and the two finalists talked about during the last episode.

Cliff Hogg Is on the Chopping Block Heading Into Tonight’s Episode

“We would never have had to give our words to make deals if y’all had stuck to the original,” Jackson told Nicole. “If you had stuck to the things said in the RV about no funny business, and that Holly didn’t even need to pack her bag, we wouldn’t be in this position. There would be no lies, there would be no secrecy, there would be no new deals. We had one deal. Us two were sticking to it.” Nicole antagonized Jackson, calling him a “martyr” and saying that he’s not playing the game truthfully.

Cliff is heading into tonight’s episode with a cautious optimism. He’s banking on the possibility that Jackson will hold up his end of the deal, despite all signs pointing to the contrary. “As long as he sticks to his word, which I think he will, you and I are both in the Final 3,” he explained to Nicole. “We are the only duo left. If he doesn’t do it, then whatever. I got played. I will shake his hand.”

Cliff Is Hoping That Jackson Michie Will Stay True to His Promise to Help Him

Cliff went on to say that he thinks Jackson is a trustworthy man. “If it doesn’t go that way, you are in and I have got the champion to cheer on, but I think it will,” he added. “I do think he is a trustworthy man who will honor his word. I spent enough time going over it over and over again.” Nicole’s response? “That’s what scares me, Cliff.”

In truth, the only chance that Cliff has at sticking around is if Jackson decides to pull a fast one on Holly. It’s possible that Jackson would choose to eliminate her as a means of making himself look better to the jury, or to alleviate the stress of having the championship come down to him and his girlfriend. Either way, the odds of Jackson actually doing something like that are slim. For all intents and purposes, we predict that Cliff Hogg will be evicted, and that the final three will be Nicole, Jackson, and Holly.