Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight? 9/19/19

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Big Brother returns tonight for another dramatic eviction. This week’s vote comes down to Cliff Hogg and Holly Allen, both of whom have enemies and allies among the remaining cast members. But which one will be sent home, and which will make it to the final three?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens during season 21 episode 38 of Big Brother.

As we stated in our predictions post, Cliff has the biggest target on his back. Despite having an ally in Nicole Anthony, he has to contend with Jackson Michie, who has Power of Veto and will almost certainly use it to secure his eviction. The only chance that Cliff really has for survival is if Jackson has a radical change of heart, and decides to sacrifice his “showmance” partner Holly Allen instead.

Cliff previously made a deal with Jackson that would secure his spot in the final three, but Jackson does not seem keen on keeping to it. Especially given that the alternative would be to send his own girlfriend, Holly, home instead. Cliff talked to Nicole about the possibility that Jackson would keep his word, where he said that he is hopeful. “If it doesn’t go that way, you are in and I have got the champion to cheer on, but I think it will,” he explained. “I do think he is a trustworthy man who will honor his word. I spent enough time going over it over and over again.”

Jackson Michie Has to Choose Between Evicting Cliff or His Showmance Partner Holly

Nicole also tried to aid Cliff by talking things out with Jackson. She’s told him that keeping Cliff would be beneficial to him, and that eliminating Holly would make him look better before the final jury. She also said that Jackson “won’t get the confetti” at the end of the competition if Holly is the contestant by his side. It’s not a bad strategy, especially given the recent tension between Jackson and Holly.

According to CinemaBlend, the couple have had their fair share of disagreements, and Holly has made it clear that she does not see a future with Jackson outside of the show. Unfortunately for Cliff, Jackson decides not to take the bait. He has his mind made up, and he’s not going to hold to the promise that he made.

Cliff Hogg Gets Evicted During the September 19 Episode

While the POV ceremony usually takes place on Monday, the week 12 ceremony has been delayed until the live episode tonight. This means that tonight’s episode will start with Jackson and Holly on the block, followed by the live Veto meeting and the immediate eviction decision. From there we’ll get the final three contestants of the season, and they’ll head out back to compete in the final Head of Household event.

GoldDerby reports that Cliff is the one who gets evicted tonight. Jackson originally planned to announce it during the Veto meeting, but it was delayed. Nicole didn’t want Cliff to be blindsided by the eviction, so she told him Jackson planned to take himself off the block and evict Cliff. Despite his efforts, and his belief in Jackson, Cliff gets sent home. Jackson ascends to the final three, along with Holly and a disappointed Nicole.