Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight?

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Big Brother returns tonight for another tense eviction. This week’s vote comes down too Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg, both of whom have enemies and allies among the rest of the cast. But which one will be sent packing, and which will live to fight another day on Big Brother?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens during season 21 episode 32 of Big Brother.

As we stated in our predictions post, Jessica has the biggest target on her back heading into tonight. Not only does she have to contend with Cliff’s loyal friend Nicole Anthony, but she has to contend with Jackson Michie, who is the Head of Household and has been gunning to get her evicted since week two. Recent spoilers suggest that Jessica isn’t going down without a fight, however.

The Inquisitr reveals that Jessica approached Nicole on Tuesday and made her case for evicting Cliff instead of her. She claims that Cliff and Jackson have an understanding with one another and that it’s going to be a problem for everybody else once she is eliminated. She goes on to say that eliminating Cliff would weaken their “understanding” and make Jackson easier to get rid of come the latter episodes.

Jessica Is Trying to Get Nicole Anthony on Her Side Before Tonight’s Vote

It appears that Jessica is forming an alliance with Christie Murphy on the side. Christie was similarly targeted by Jackson in the past, and she believes that it’s in her best interest to evict Cliff and keep Jessica around. Christie talked to Nicole on her own, and told her that Jackson and Holly Allen have positioned themselves perfectly to string along both Cliff and Nicole together with Christie and Tommy.

Christie also said that if she becomes the next Head of Household, she will aim to take out Jackson and nominate Holly. She then told Nicole that it comes down to her at this point. If Nicole takes the bait and votes to evict Cliff, it will be a shocking turn. She and Cliff have been closely affiliated for some time now, and a pivot of this nature means that she would be susceptible to something similar down the line. Unfortunately for Jessica, it doesn’t look as though her campaigning helps her chances.

Jessica Milagros Will Be Evicted During Tonight’s Episode

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GoldDerby reports that the voting comes out to a draw. Christie and Tommy Bracco will vote to evict Cliff, while Nicole and Holly will vote to evict Jessica. It will all come down to Jackson to cast the deciding vote, and it’s a no-brainer that he chooses to evict Jessica. Jackson said he would keep Cliff in a tie because of their final four with Holly and Nicole.

That said, Jackson and Nicole previously agreed that keeping Cliff may not be the best move for their respective games, so there’s a chance that Cliff could eventually be cut off at the knees. If Cliff goes, Jackson feels that it would make things easier to go after Christie and Tommy.

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