Big Brother 21 Spoilers: New HOH Is Crowned 9/22/2019

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Big Brother 21 is ratcheting up towards its finale. Tonight’s episode will see the contest for the final Head of Household begin, and fans will get to see the repercussions it has on who wins the grand prize. Read on to find out which contestant wins tonight, and who is most likely to get evicted!

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens during season 21 episode 39 of Big Brother.

Big Brother 21 is down to the final three: Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie. Whomever wins the Head of Household has a strong chance at winning the entire season. The first part of the HOH competition is premiering during tonight’s episode, and though it doesn’t guarantee the winner, it is a good indicator of who will. According to CinemaBlend, the finalist who wins tonight’s competition is Jackson.

As the winner of part one, Jackson will now wait for the third part. He will face whoever wins the second part of the competition, in order to determine who is crowned the final Head of Household. Once crowned, the HOH will evict someone into third place. The finalist who finishes in third place will then join the jury on stage for the final vote.

Jackson Michie Wins Part 1 of the HOH Competition Tonight

Jackson has been the frontrunner to win all season. That said, he has shown a propensity for deception. He broke his promise to help Cliff Hogg advance to the final three, and Cliff has hinted at the negative effect his actions will have on the jury’s final vote. “We have spent a lot of time over the season talking about honor, the value of handshakes, and I trusted him, more than I should have,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Up to that point, he hadn’t done anything that made me think I couldn’t trust him, but he had me fooled… I think the question of a bitter juror should have made him think twice about sending me out the door over Holly.”

While it remains to be seen who will take the overall HOH title, we do know that Holly is the winner of part two of the competition. She manages to beat Nicole and her showmance partner Jackson, setting things up for a possibly shocking third act. If Holly were to win, the obvious choice would be to evict Nicole, but her attitude towards Jackson has been strained as of late. “Trust me, it has to be a consideration. Michie has quite the resume, and I know that,” she admitted. “I do worry that people just assume I’m here just because of Michie.”

Part 2 of the Competition Will Air During Wednesday’s Episode

CinemaBlend reports that Holly won the competition that was held on Saturday, but it will not be shown until Wednesday, September 25, 2019. It’s also worth noting that the finalist who has won part two has gone on to win the full $500,000 for the past seven seasons. This puts Holly in a very good position as she heads into the next competition.

The third and final part will during the season finale, and whoever wins it will likely ascend to the winner’s circle. That said, winning part three doesn’t always guarantee a victory, as evidenced by Paul vs. Nicole in Big Brother 18.

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