What Happens on Bachelor In Paradise This Week? 9/2/2019 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale

ABC BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Breakout fan favorites from "The Bachelor" franchise are back and ready for a second (or third or fourth) chance at finding love, as the hit series "Bachelor in Paradise" returns for Season 6.

Week 5 of Bachelor in Paradise season 6 brought with it exciting dates, dramatic confrontations, new additions, and shocking exits for the all-star cast.

The description for episode 9, scheduled to air Monday, September 2, read “Angela’s arrival brings up trouble with Clay; Tayshia is happy to see two new men arrive; a stunning departure takes place before the rose ceremony.”

Episode 10’s air date was Tuesday, September 3. The official synopsis for that episode teased “Clay contemplates a drastic resolution to his situation; Blake comes to a resolution that depends on Kristina offering him a rose; Dean’s return forces Caelynn to make a decision.”

Here’s what happened during week 5 of Bachelor in Paradise:

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW AND STOP READING NOW if you are not caught up on the show and do not want to know what happened. This post will be updated as each episode airs.

At the start of the episode, Clay and Nicole seemed to be going strong in Paradise and right as Nicole said “nothing can ruin what [they] have,” Angela arrived on the beach with a date card. As Clay sweated out her arrival and the cast wondered what she was doing there, Angela pulled aside Mike to talk to him first.

Nicole pulled Angela aside to talk to her, and although Angela told Nicole to her face that she had no intention of getting in the way of her and Clay’s relationship, she told the camera in a candid interview that she thinks Clay still has feelings for her.

Angela chose to give her date card to Mike. Meanwhile, Tayshia confronted Clay about his feelings for Nicole and asked if he’s been referring to Nicole as his girlfriend when talking about her to other people.

On Angela and Mike’s date, he asked her about her history with Clay and told her he heard from Clay that it was easier for him to move on because he didn’t tell her he loved her.

Although Haley and John Paul Jones seemed to be hitting it off to, according to their castmates, JPJ told Mike that he still wants to be with Tayshia. John Paul Jones and Haley got some time to talk privately, and he confirmed with her that he still has a stronger connection with Tayshia, even though he thinks Haley is great.

The drama between Derek and John Paul Jones continued on the beach, this time aggravated by the fact that Derek talked to Haley about JPJ. John Paul Jones laughed in Derek’s face and Tayshia told the camera that after all their arguing, she was ready to move on entirely.

The next day, Luke S. and “Old Matt Donald” showed up with a joint date card. They chose to take Sydney and Kristina on the date, and the four struggled with their drinks and spicy food. Sydney wanted Matt to kiss her, and he said he wanted to kiss her too but he was going to take it slow because he’s shy.

JPJ got some private time with Tayshia to talk, and he opened up to her about how he’s only interested in being with her. After their conversation, JPJ broke down in tears.

Then it was Derek’s turn to talk to Tayshia. Tayshia told him she didn’t know what she wanted, but that she knew that she wouldn’t be able to get there with him and he wasn’t the one for her. Heartbroken and frustrated, Derek made the decision to leave Paradise and go home. To be continued…