What Happens on Bachelor in Paradise Finale & Reunion Tonight? 9/17/2019 Recap

BIP Finale 2019


The season 6 finale of Bachelor in Paradise aired on Tuesday, September 17 at 8/7c on ABC. The dramatic conclusion delivered engagements, breakups, and even more drama as the cast were brought back together months later to tape a reunion episode.

Ahead of the finale episode, ABC teased “In a moving and stunning three-hour season finale, Chris Harrison and a studio audience watch as the four remaining couples – Demi and Kristian, Chris and Katie, Dylan and Hannah, and Clay and Nicole – spend one last night in the fantasy suites deciding if they are ready to take their relationships to the next level outside of Paradise. No one knows what the night will bring to these love-struck couples. Engagements, breakups and plenty of tears springing from both joy and heartbreak make for a compelling season finale to Bachelor in Paradise.”

So, what happened during the season 6 finale? Was it, as Chris Harrison would say, the “most dramatic finale in Bachelor history?” We’ve got your answers below.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS and stop reading now if you are not caught up and don’t want to know how season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise ends. The post will be updated live as the episode airs, so keep checking back throughout the night.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6 Finale Recap

The finale kicked off in the studio, where Chris Harrison welcomes the viewers at home live and introduced the cast members present in the audience for the show’s big night. Then, it was time for the finale to begin.

In Paradise, the show’s four couples, Nicole and Clay, Kristian and Demi, Dylan and Hannah, and Katie and Chris each departed together for their respective dates (with the option to take advantage of an overnight fantasy suite date).

Katie and Chris talked about their future, and he assured her that he was falling in love with her and would not falter. They agreed to go to the fantasy suite.

Dylan and Hannah’s conversation went well, too, and they talked about their feelings for each other and their hopes for the future, agreeing that they want to spend forever waking up next to each other, starting in the fantasy suite.

Demi and Kristian talked about Demi’s struggle throughout their time in Paradise and she told Kristian that she finally feels completely herself. They exchanged “I love you”s and Kristian told Demi she changed her perception of what it means to have a lifelong partner.

Clay and Nicole’s talk, on the other hand, was full of uncertainty. Clay told her he’s starting to fall in love with her, but that he still has reservations. Clay said he wasn’t 100% sure of himself and therefore couldn’t ask her to uproot her life to live with him. He told her he needed to take the night to think about things, rather than enjoying the fantasy suite together.

The next day, it was time for Nicole and Clay to meet on the beach and make their final decisions about their relationship. Nicole said in a confessional interview that she could see herself getting engaged to Clay, but she would need to know that he was completely in love with her. She told him she loved him, but when she asked him if he loved her back, he told her he wasn’t there yet and he wasn’t ready to move in together or propose yet. He said he did, however, want to continue their relationship after Paradise. That wasn’t enough for Nicole, and they ended things and headed home from Mexico alone.

The morning after their fantasy suite date, Kate and Chris reaffirmed that they were falling in love with each other and looked forward to seeing each other on the beach. After reminiscing on the development of their relationship on BIP, an emotional Chris got down on one knee and proposed with a Neil Lane engagement ring. She said yes.

Dylan and Hannah were up next, and Dylan said in the confessional interview that he knows Hannah is her person and is going to propose to her; Hannah confirmed in her interview that he is the love of her life, and she told Chris Harrison that she has an idea about what’s going to happen when she sees Dylan on the beach. He told her he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her and asked her if she trusts him with her heart. She said yes, and he got down on one knee and proposed; she said yes again.

The last couple to meet on the beach was Kristian and Demi. Holding hands, they told each other they were nervous before exchanging their final words in Paradise about their relationship. Kristian said “Demi, I’m in love with you. I give you my full heart and promise to protect yours, now and forever.” After saying she didn’t think it was possible to feel this way about someone, she got down and proposed. Kristian responded “Of course I will.” Kristian told Demi that she needs to get an engagement ring too.

All three engaged couples met on the beach to congratulate one another, concluding season 6 in Paradise.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6 Reunion Recap

Part two of the Tuesday night finale was a two-hour reunion special, recorded in the Bachelor studio in front of an audience of the reality show’s fans.

After Chris Harrison introduced the cast, a recap of the season’s highs and lows played, teasing the discussions to come among during the reunion.

The Derek and JPJ drama was the first topic brought up by Chris Harrison. JPJ tried to call Derek out for saying he hooks up with his Instagram followers, but Jordan stepped in and said Derek doesn’t need to respond to that. When asked if he wanted to apologize to Chris and Krystal for starting the arguement at their wedding, JPJ simply said “What happened was unfortunate.”

Haley addressed the weird “pigeon and seagull” drama with Tahzjuan, and then Chris Harrison brought up the brawl between Jordan and Christian that sent them both home. Tensions remained high between the two men.

Hannah and Blake were called out for their communications with one another before Paradise and Blake’s visit with Hannah in Alabama. Sydney and Tayshia, who both took interest in Blake early on in the show, were upset that Hannah wasn’t upfront about her history with Blake right off the bat.

Stagecoach inevitably came up in the discussion. Kristina was asked by Chris Harrison if she and Blake pursued a romantic relationship before Stagecoach and she said they had tried to be “a little more” but were ultimately just friends, though they did sleep together at Stagecoach. She said she didn’t know about Caelynn when she slept with him at Stagecoach and was upset when she found out.

Harrison welcomed Blake up to the hot seat to talk more about the Stagecoach drama and his experience in Paradise. He said that he and Hannah did not meet to pursue a relationship, before admitting that a lot of what happened during his “fall from grace” on BIP was his fault though he believed he didn’t do anything malicious.

The topic of the text message conversations between Blake and Caelynn, which he shared on social media came up and things got heated. She asserted that releasing those carefully selected texts was a violation and that he did it do discredit her, and he stood by his decision to defend himself and show his side. He told Caelynn he was so sorry that his actions resulted in her getting attacked, and apologized to everyone else in the cast for negatively impacting their experience in Paradise.

Before inviting the newly engaged BIP couples to the stage, married BIP alums Jade and Tanner, Chris and Krystal and Carly and Evan were invited on stage. Jade talked about her experience delivering her baby in her closet and Krystal and Chris said they want to start a family soon. Then, they did a gender reveal for Carly and Evan’s second pregnancy: Wells popped out of a cake in a blue onesie, revealing that the couple is expecting a boy.

Next up in the hot seat, Tayshia talked to Chris Harrison about her difficult breakup with John Paul Jones, before revealing to the audience that she went out to Maryland to try to get him back. The show producers sent a camera crew with her, so viewers at home got to see how that reunion played out. The two reconciled, and John Paul Jones asked her to be his girlfriend.

Then, JPJ joined Tayshia on the couch with Chris so they could talk about where they’re at in their relationship since getting back together. They confirmed that they are still going strong and doing things on their own terms, and he reaffirmed that he loves her.

When it was Katie’s turned to talk to Chris Harrison on the couch, she told him that communication has been hard since leaving Paradise and that she’s exhausted. She wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, and said they’re still engaged but that she thinks she “fell in love with potential that may never come into fruition.” When asked if she’s thought about ending things, she said she doesn’t want to and she wants it to get better. Chris joined her on the stage, and the two ultimately reconciled and agreed they have things to work on in their relationship.

Hannah and Dylan had a much happier talk on the couch with Harrison. Dylan said that he knew from his first conversation with Hannah that she was the only woman he wanted to pursue. They confirmed that they’re still going strong, and added that Hannah moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Dylan.

Demi and Kristian were the last couple to sit with Chris on the couch. They said they are still totally in love and that Demi is moving to LA so they can live together. The two took turns gushing about each other and their relationship and emphasized that the love and support their story received drowned out any hate. Then, Kristian had her turn to reciprocate the proposal and got down on one knee with a ring.

Rounding out the night, Harrison finally revealed who the next Bachelor star is: Peter Weber.