Did Caelynn Miller-Keyes Hook Up with Mark Dohner at Stagecoach?

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There’s so much drama to unpack during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 reunion, and while discovering whether or not certain couples are still together will be the main draw, there’s another off-camera relationship viewers are curious to learn more about. And much to everyone’s chagrin, it’s another romance stemming from Stagecoach 2019.

Blake Horstmann’s back-to-back hook-ups with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman during Stagecoach was a focal point on Paradise, as was the fact that Miller-Keyes then started dating Schulman’s ex, Dean Unglert in Mexico. Schulman, who originally appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, seemed to have a big chip on her shoulder throughout the season, and her frustration with the Blake and Caelynn situation seemed to go way beyond what viewers were seeing on Paradise.

While the 26-year-old Russian beauty was getting slammed online for acting rude and snarky on the show, there’s more to the story than what was presented to viewers. As first reported by Reality Steve, Kristina actually showed up to Stagecoach in April with popular YouTube star Mark Dohner, and then natch, Caelynn hooked up with him, too. This explains why Kristina was so perplexed by Caelynn’s extreme blow-up reaction with Blake, which many viewers misconstrued as misguided, and a lack of compassion.

While Paradise was airing, Blake shocked everyone by releasing his Stagecoach text messages with Caelynn to refute the claims he ghosted her, and begged to keep their hook-up a secret. So, not only did Kristina find Caelynn to be a liar, watching the former pageant queen hook-up with her dirty laundry for third time, Blake, Dean, and as we’ll discover during the reunion tell-all, Mark Dohner, she was not super thrilled.

Mark Dohner Confirmed He Hooked Up with Both Caelynn and Kristina

Instagram via Caelynn Miller-KeyesWhitney Fransway, Sami Clarke, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Mark Dohner.

Dohner, 25, who first made a name for himself as a popular Vine comedian, and now has over 3 million followers on Instagram, spilled all the tea while appearing on his “Livin’ Large Podcast” with George Janko. While Dohner played coy at first, it didn’t take much for him to open up about hooking up with two girls from the Bachelor franchise, and mentions that Blake reached out to him when the Stagecoach drama hit a fever pitch on the show.

“I don’t watch the show Bachelor in Paradise, but I met them at Stagecoach,” Dohner said. So, anyone who’s been watching Season 6 of the shows knows immediately that he’s discussing Kristina and Caelynn. When asked if he would ever go on ABC’s dating show Dohner replied, “F*** no. Never.”

To hear Dohner speak on the matter, skip to 35:30.
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To see video of Caelynn hanging out with Mark, click here. There is also video of both women appearing in his video. Despite this unmentioned Stagecoach love triangle, Unglert seems unfazed. He and Caelynn are still together.

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