Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katie and Chris


Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton have been a steady couple this season on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’, and as the season slowly draws to a close, fans are growing more curious about the pair. Do they stay together? Break up? And what’s the couple up to now?

Read on, but beware of spoilers! Do not continue reading if you do not want to know how this season of Bachelor In Paradise ends.

1. They Are Engaged

Cheers to the happy couple, because Chris and Katie are engaged!

For those who need a reminder, Chris is famous for having many stints on The Bachelor and Bachelor-adjacent shows. He originally appeared on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Katie, meanwhile, was part of Colton Underwood’s season. She is remembered for warning Colton that his remaining contestants on the show weren’t ready for marriage.

News about Chris and Katie’s impending nuptials hasn’t surfaced yet; it’s likely it won’t until the show wraps up on ABC. For now, the two have done their best to keep the news of their engagement under wraps. They have yet to post about each other on Instagram, though there isn’t any news of a breakup.

2. Chris Briefly Pursued Jen Saviano

Those of us who follow the show religiously are well aware that it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Chris and Katie.

After Jen Saviano joined the cast of BIP on the beach, she asked Chris on a date. While Chris was hesitant about leaving Katie, he eventually agreed to go. The two locked lips during their time together, signifying trouble for Katie and Chris.

By the end of the episode, however, Jen was sent home because Chris gave his rose to Katie.

Reality Steve has spilled that this is really the only bump in the road for Chris and Katie; from here on out, they give one another the rose for the rest of the season.

3. Chris Is a Bachelor Veteran

Chris is a Bachelor veteran, who has appeared on a number of Bachelor spinoffs. He first appeared on the show at the ripe age of 25, when he was on Emily Maynard’s season. He made it to the hometown portion of the series before being voted off.

Afterward, he was on season 1 of Bachelor In Paradise. There, he met contestant Elise Mosca– whom he actually asked to leave the show with him before it was over. The pair did leave together but ended up splitting up a month later.

After a brief stint on Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise and Season 3 of Bachelor Pad, Chris decided to give up reality TV. He even wrote an official retirement letter, part of which read, “I can’t wait for my television career to be over,” he continued. “I miss being me. And after today, I get to be me again. The best part is, this is the last apology I’ll have to write. I’ll never have to be sorry for being myself. I’ve made great friends through this journey and for that I will be forever grateful to ‘The Bachelor’ franchise. I’ll never say I regret being a part of it because at the time I always had a reason for doing what I did. At this point, it’s all in the past. I want to be Chris again.”

Chris came out of retirement to be on this season of BIP.

4. Chris Owns Two Bars and Advises on a Dating App

As noted in a previous Heavy article, Chris is an advisor on a dating app called The Catch.

In addition, he owns two sports bars– one in Arlington, Virginia, called The Bracket Room Sports Lounge. In 2017, he opened up a second sports bar in his hometown.

Bukowski graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a degree in business management.

5. They Are One of Three Couples to Get Engaged on the Season Finale

Katie and Chris get engaged on the season finale along with Dylan and Hannah, and Demi and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty.

Kristian may not be a member of Bachelor Nation, but she has connections to the reality TV franchise– she was the roommate of Colton Underwood’s contestant, Catherine Agro.

As Cosmo notes, the last time there were three engagements on BIP, only one survived, so we have yet to see if all these couples will walk down the aisle.

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