Colt Johnson Girlfriend Update: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Star Dating Anybody?

Colt Johnson, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Colt Johnson, star of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiancé."

Colt Johnson, star of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé, recently went through a messy and contentious divorce with ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima earlier this year. Colt and his mother Debbie are joining several other popular 90 Day couples and cast on the TLC spinoff Pillow Talk, which airs Sunday, September 15 at 11 p.m. ET.

For those who are new to the series, Pillow Talk features couples from earlier seasons of the show who relax in bed (or, in Colt and Debbie’s case, on the couch) with their loved ones and dissect the newest installments of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The show usually showcases several popular couples from earlier seasons of the show, although it sometimes features family members, such as Tarik and his brother Dean, or Darcey and her twin sister Stacey.

Since Colt will be accompanied by his mother on Pillow Talk, fans might be wondering if he is dating anybody today, and if so, why she isn’t featuring on the spinoff with him in place of his mother.

Here’s what we know about Colt’s dating life ahead of the Pillow Talk premiere:

He Was Dating a Mystery Woman Earlier This Year

Colt Johnson, 90 Day Fiance

InstagramColt Johnson, star of the hit TLC series “90 Day Fiancé,” recently posted a picture holding hands with his new mystery girlfriend. Here’s what we know.

Colt was spotted with a mystery woman earlier this year following his split from ex-wife Larissa, and even posted a picture of himself holding his new beau’s hand on his Instagram stories, which can be viewed above.

Although her name was never revealed to the public, Colt did appear to be pretty smitten with his mystery lady at the time. He posted the song “Sex on Fire” by the Kings of Leon alongside the photo, which he captioned “crush.” The woman was rumored to be Brazilian, according to Soap Dirt, so it definitely appears Colt has (or had) a type, as Larissa was also from Brazil.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Colt is still dating the woman from the photo, unless he is keeping their relationship way under the radar. He hasn’t posted any updates, stories or photos with her lately, and appears to just be living the bachelor life once again, so unless he is really great at keeping his love life a secret from the public, he appears to be single once again.

He Doesn’t Appear to be Dating Anybody Currently, Although He Has Been Spending Time With His ‘Bestie’ Gentille Chhun From Marrying Millions

Colt doesn’t appear to be dating anybody publicly at the moment, which is likely why he is appearing with his mother on Pillow Talk instead of having a lady friend join him (although fans really love Debbie, so even if he was dating, TLC might have asked his mother to join the spinoff anyway).

The reality star has been relatively quiet on the dating front lately, although he has been uploading several pictures with fellow TLC reality star Gentille Chhun from the hit series Marrying MillionsThe two haven’t made anything official, and Gentille is still in a relationship with a construction worker named Brian on the show, but fans have started to speculate that Colt and Gentille might be secretly dating due to the sudden slew of pictures on their Instagram profiles. Colt also added the hashtag #cutecouples to a few of their photos, so fans have been in an uproar trying to figure out if the two are together or not.

One user wrote, “If she is your friend, why you putting #cutecouples,” while another wrote on her Instagram picture “He’s a great guy for you, loving, Carring [sic], wholesome, just a good honest man, he loves his mom, and he will love you the same.”

Another joked “So if they ARE dating, she likes men who live with their parents,” which was a sly jab at her boyfriend on Marrying Millions, who admitted to Gentille that he still lives with his parents.

It remains to be seen if the two are actually dating, and fans will likely not know for sure until Marrying Millions wraps up (due to contractual obligations with TLC), but in the meantime, Colt looks like he is living his best life and enjoying spending time with good friends, his mother and their cats.

Be sure to catch Colt and his mother Debbie on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk, which airs Sundays at 11 p.m. ET on TLC.

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