Connor Saeli Is Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ Ex-Boyfriend

Dean Unglert And Caelynn Miller-Keyes Breakup

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Connor Saeli was dealt a heartbreaking blow on Bachelor In Paradise. He was left holding the back after romantic partner Caelynn Miller-Keyes decided to leave him and get back together with Dean Unglert. But what happened with Connor and Caelynn? Are they still with their respective partners today?

Caelynn and Dean hit things off during the first half of the season. The former found Dean exciting, in spite of, or perhaps because of his “bad boy” reputation and penchant for breaking hearts. Things came to a head, however, when Dean announced that he would be walking off the show. “I’m going to take off in my van for nine months and be as free as possible,” he told Caelynn. “I know that kind of sucks to hear. It only makes sense for you to protect your heart only because I don’t want a normal life and to go to dinner parties on Saturday nights where we talk about our feelings and emotions.”

Caelynn Broke Up with Connor to Be With Contestant Dean Unglert

A heartbroken Caelynn was left to move on by herself, and she then found Connor. She felt that Connor provided the stability that she desired in a man, and was a much safer choice than Dean. “Dean and I would have never worked, so I’m really happy now I have something that could really be something,” she said during a confessional. “Plus, [Connor] has his sh*t together.” Just as things started getting serious between them, however, Dean returned to Paradise.

Dean tried to talk Caelynn into going away with her, despite her relationship with Connor. “Connor came down and we’ve been trying to explore things, and it’s just easy,” she explained, to which Dean said, “Who the f*ck wants easy?” Connor tried to remind Caelynn of the hurtful things that Dean in the past, but it was to no avail. Caelynn went with Dean, leaving Connor heartbroken and without a romantic partner.

Connor Went on to Find Love With Newcomer Whitney Fransway

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Dean looked back on meeting Connor, and how they never really got along. “Connor is this really incredibly good-looking dude. I was terrified. I was, like, building him up, and then after the show, I shook his hand and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s nice to officially, formally meet you,’” he told People. “He leans over and he goes, ‘Nice to meet you too, man. I would really love to see the van sometime. I’ve been thinking about doing the van life myself.’ And I go, ‘Bro, you can’t say that because you’ve been talking sh*t about my van nonstop on the Bachelor In Paradise.’”

Fortunately for Connor, he was able find love with fellow contestant Whitney Fransway. The couple narrowly avoided one another on the show, but were able to link up thanks to the producers, and are now in a relationship. Caelynn and Dean are similarly still together.