Who Is Connor Saeli Dating Now?

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There’s hasn’t been a more exciting entrance to Bachelor in Paradise than the arrival of Connor Saeli. While most contestants showing up after most of the season is finished filming are unable forge an opening within the already formed “relationships” on the show, producers gave Hannah Brown’s former Bachelorette suitor the slo-mo walk in, and coming right after Dean Unglert’s abrupt exit, Caelynn Miller-Keyes flocked right to him, trampling over Kristina Schulman to claim him.

Originally from Birmingham, Michigan, Connor is a total catch. The 24-year-old, who stands at an impressive 6’6, used to be a competitive swimmer, and continues to keep up an incredibly active lifestyle, running marathons, flying airplanes, and committing to regular shirtless work-outs, as seen on his Instagram. A graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, he’s incredibly close with this family, works in finance, and came to Paradise looking for one thing that’s missing in his life: a future wife.

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Connor Dates Caelynn on ‘Paradise’

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Much to Kristina’s chagrin, Connor hits it off right away with Caelynn. He chooses her for his date card, and they make-out while covering each other in paint. The former Miss North Carolina says that Connor is why she came to Paradise in the first place, and comes to the realization that things would’ve never worked out with Dean, who lives in a van and champions a nomadic lifestyle that’s not super conducive with someone who’s ready to settle down and get married.

However, [SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know what happens on Paradise then STOP reading this article NOW] Dean returns to Mexico, said he made a mistake in leaving Caelynn, and she falls back into his unreliable arms, leaving Connor crushed.

After Dean swoops Caelynn away, Connor is hoping another women who caught his eye at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding would walk down the stairs, Whitney Fransway. However, Conor leaves Paradise before she arrives as a contestant on the island, and according to Reality Steve, producers felt bad about the poor timing, and a made a special exception for these two to finally get to know one another.

Connor Saeli Is Now Dating Whitney Fransway

Realizing that Whitney, 28, and Connor were passing ships in Sayulita, Bachelor Nation producers allegedly sent Whitney to Connor’s room, so that they could spend a few days in Mexico together. The model and yoga instructor must’ve fallen hard for Connor, and vice-versa, because they’ve been together ever since.

Whitney, who’s a former contestant from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, and originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is making the long distance work with Connor, who resides in Dallas, Texas. On August 24, she brought Connor as her date to former cast mate-turned-Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay’s wedding to Bryan Abasolo’s, which also took place in Mexico, but was not filmed for the show.

The new couple likely won’t go public with their relationship until after each of them has left Paradise, or until the reunion episode airs at the end of the September. In the meantime, fans can watch them do what every Bachelor Nation couple does when trying to keep their relationship on the DL, post and tag themselves at the same location on Instagram, but in separate photos.

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