How Did Connor Saeli & Whitney Fransway Start Dating?

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Connor Saeli has had a rough season on Bachelor In Paradise, but he was able to find love with fellow cast member Whitney Fransway. The way the couple got together is unique by BIP standards, and may be confusing to some, given that much of their courtship played out off-screen. How did Connor and Whitney start dating? When did they become a couple?

Connor and Whitney met at the wedding for Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. Connor was still reeling from what happened with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and the fact that she left him, so Whitney proved to be a welcome change. “It’s hard when 90 percent of the people here have found a connection with someone and are pursuing that and I haven’t really found that,” he admitted. “Revian’s a cool girl, but I didn’t feel like I clicked with her, exactly. But at the wedding, I met Whitney. She’s gorgeous.”

Connor & Whitney Narrowly Missed Each During ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 6

“We had a couple of good conversations. Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about her,” Connor added. “Whitney is the only one that I’m super interested in. If she doesn’t come, I’ll probably just leave. I’m not here to get a friendship rose. I genuinely came here to find someone, to find love. If that’s not happening…I don’t want to be here.” Whitney was similarly enthused to spark a potential romance.

“I’m going to Paradise to meet Connor!” she said shortly before her arrival on the show. “We had this amazing conversation at the wedding. I’m just excited to get there and I really want to explore and see if there’s something between us.” Despite their mutual interest, Connor walks off Paradise before Whitney arrives as a contestant on the island. This means that the couple narrowly missed each other during the actual filming of the season.

The Producers Arranged for the Couple to Meet & Strike Up a Romance

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“I thought Whitney might come down the stairs, but if she doesn’t come, I’ll probably just leave,” Connor said before his departure. “I’m not here to give out a friendship rose, I genuinely came here to find someone to find love, and if that’s not happening, I don’t want to be here.” Whitney was similarly disappointed when she arrived in Paradise, and found Connor had left. “I’m just shocked and a little taken aback right now,” she admitted. “There really wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Connor was going to be on the beach and I’m just trying to figure out what to do.”

According to Reality Steve, the producers felt bad about the poor timing, and decided to make a special exception for Connor and Whitney. Upon realizing that the contestants were passing ships in Sayulita, the producers reportedly sent Whitney to Connor’s room, so that they could spend a few days in Mexico together. “All I wanted was for you to come down and go on a date,” Connor gushed. “So this is the best.” The couple have been together ever since.