Does Derek Peth Quit Bachelor in Paradise 2019 & Leave?

Derek Peth quits Bachelor in Paradise


As season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise progresses, so do the reality show’s relationships and drama between cast members. During week 5, an unexpected exit from a prominent star of the season shakes up the BIP beach.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW and STOP READING NOW if you do not want to know what happens during episode 9 of Bachelor in Paradise.

According to Reality Steve, Derek’s decision to quit the reality show was motivated by his fight with John Paul Jones over Tayshia, which aired during episode 8 last week. Reality Steve says that following that initial dispute, “Tayshia essentially takes JPJ’s side during this fight and Derek ends up crying and leaving the show.”

Derek removes himself from the show before the rose ceremony takes place and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that, with him out of the picture, Tayshia chooses to give her rose to John Paul Jones.

Peth seemed to have a solid relationship developing with Demi Burnett early in the season, but she broke things off with him once Kristian Haggerty, the woman she was seeing before filming, stepped onto the beach. Peth was heartbroken at first, but then moved on to pursue Tayshia, who had already captured the attention of John Paul Jones.

During Krystal and Chris’s wedding, which was heavily featured during episode 8, John Paul Jones confronted Derek about his intentions with Tayshia and his reputation among the Bachelor Nation alums. The argument was enough to pull attention away from the couple on their big day, and Tayshia started crying due to the unwanted attention. Since John Paul Jones was the one to start the fight, and Tayshia had previously encouraged him to give other women in Paradise a shot, it is strange that Reality Steve is reporting that Tayshia took his side in the fight over Derek.

Episode 9’s official synopsis strongly suggests that Derek’s exit will take place during the Monday, September 2 episode. The description reads “Angela’s arrival brings up trouble with Clay; Tayshia is happy to see two new men arrive; a stunning departure takes place before the rose ceremony.” It is possible that Tayshia’s interest in the “two new men” might also play into Derek’s frustrations with the season and motivate his departure.

Season 6 was Peth’s second attempt at finding love in Paradise. He started dating Taylor Nolan during season 4 in 2017 and even got engaged on the beach, but the two ultimately broke up in 2018 after filming. According to Us Weekly, after Nolan found out Peth was returning to the Bachelor in Paradise cast, she said on a podcast “I mean, I won’t lie, part of me definitely is curious to watch. The other part of me feels like, I don’t know if it’s a smart decision to invite that stress and anxiety back in my life because it’s not just, like, this fun form of entertainment. It’s, you know, watching someone that I was in a deep [relationship] with and tried really hard with and didn’t work out. So I can’t. I’m going to be filled with so many thoughts and feelings if I watch, that part of me doesn’t want to be fully consumed by that. So I feel like I shouldn’t.”

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