Emma Roberts’ Character Brooke on American Horror Story 1984

Emma Roberts Plays Brooke Thompson On AHS 1984

FX Emma Roberts plays Brooke Thompson on AHS 1984.

American Horror Story is back with another round of terror; this time the theme takes on ’80s slasher films. The new crop of possible victims is full of well-known names franchise fan and a few newcomers. While some favorites are not returning, it falls on longtime AHS player Emma Roberts to take the lead. While little is known about the character Brooke Thompson, there are a few details out there and even more stills as well as videos to help solve the mystery.

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The Final Girl?

If there’s one thing the slasher genre is good for, it is the Final Girl. While there are a lot of definitions out there, Nicholas Rogers and Wikipedia lists the character as “a trope in horror films (particularly slasher films). It refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story.”

While it may be a red herring, Brooke is certainly set up with all of the traits someone looks for in their final girl. Another interesting clue comes from Screen Rant which claims that character “is described as the timid one of the group, seemingly uneasy about working at a camp with a dark history.” With all the talk of a boyfriend at the camp, the trope may be in for a brutal realization.

American Horror Story: 1984 | Season 9: Welcome To Camp Redwood Teaser | FXPrepare for your stay at Camp Redwood. Watch every teaser from AHS 1984. Premieres Wed at 10p on FX. Subscribe now for more American Horror Story clips: bit.ly/SubscribeFX In the summer of 1984, five friends escape Los Angeles to work as counselors at Camp Redwood. As they adjust to their new jobs, they quickly learn…2019-09-16T22:10:58.000Z

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Surrounded by friends at the fictional Camp Redwood is not enough for Brooke. Instead, she brings her boyfriend, Chet Clancy, along for the ride. Series producer and creator Ryan Murphy goes with an unexpected choice for the role in Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy. Will that athleticism help Brooke make a quick escape from the sinister Mr. Jingles? Viewers will have to wait and see. While the actor himself is new to scripted fare, he revealed to Out Sports that there is really little difference. “I like acting. It’s what I want to try to get into after skiing. I’ve done a lot of interviews and stuff on TV…so I’m not really nervous in front of the camera,” Kenworthy said.

Radical Fashions

Since AHS plays heavily with 1980s nostalgia, it’s only natural to see Brooke in some of the decade’s finest(or worst depending on how you look at it)clothing. In the series’ first look at the cast, the initial glimpse of the heroine is in trademark leotards and leggings that seem more at home in a Jane Fonda workout video. Later on, she’s seen rocking a rainbow sweater complete with the added collar just to cover any sort of possible skin that might peep out. Of course, it’s paired with high waisted jeans sure to remove any sort of sexuality.

For her part, Emma Roberts has kept the secrets of previous seasons and this time looks to be no different. One thing that is different is the loss of Evan Peters from the cast. Along with Roberts, he was a featured player on the series for several seasons. Away from the show, the pair were a couple for seven years, ultimately splitting in early 2019. Before the split, Peters openly discussed his reasons for sitting out AHS with GQ, “It’s just exhausting. It’s really mentally draining, and you don’t want to go to those places ever in your life. And so you have to go there for the scenes, and it ends up integrating it somehow into your life. You’re in traffic and you find yourself screaming and you’re like, ‘What the hell? This isn’t who I am.’ I fight really hard to combat that and make sure that I’m watching comedies and hanging out with my fiancée [actor Emma Roberts] and chilling with friends and watching movies.”

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