Flume Performs Graphic Act on Stage at Burning Man

Flume Burning Man

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Burning Man is an annual event at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada with the mission of encouraging attendees truly “be themselves” and be free of all the constraints and judgments of society. In the past, what you did at Burning Man stayed at Burning Man, but now, thanks to the social media age, many of the private moments are being captured on camera.

As its popularity has grown, Burning Man now plays host to a lot of famous celebrities and DJs who will perform at the event unannounced. Diplo is a known regular as well as DJ Tiesto, among others. Twenty-seven-year-old Australian DJ Flume is in attendance this year and has been caught on camera in a very compromising position.

Reddit user u/stainlesssteelgyoza, who is at Burning Man, posted that they had a video of Flume putting his face into a woman’s rear end at some point, which led to several requests from users on the r/flume subreddit to post it.

u/stainlesssteelgyoza eventually relented, posting the video with the caption, “Since ya’ll asked so nicely.” The footage was exactly as advertised. In it, there is a snapshot of a fan (who Heavy has identified as @amborghinimercy) holding a totem (sign held up at concerts) with the question, “Does flume even eat a**?” The video is part of a Snapchat story, so it pauses on the sign for several sections before transitioning to the video of Flume.

In the video, we see Flume in the middle of this DJ set with a girl on all fours hovering above him on a table. Flume dives right in, putting his face in between her cheeks for several seconds, then retreating and shyly laughing off the incident.

Though you can’t see her face, the girl in question is suspected to be Paige Elkington, whom Flume is currently dating, and who also posted the video on her Instagram story. The video was eventually removed by Instagram for showing “nudity,” but it had already been captured by a user and uploaded to Reddit.

You may have seen Paige Elkington before from this famous Jeff Goldblum meme (she’s the girl on the left).

Who is Flume?


Nicholas Hunt/Getty ImagesFlume performs onstage during the 2017 Governors Ball Music Festival

Flume, real name Harley Edward Streten, is a 27-year-old DJ from Australia who burst onto the scene in 2012 with his self-titled debut album Flume. His debut went on to sell over 2,000,000 copies in Australia and catapulted Flume into the mainstream across the world.

His follow up Skin won the Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards and his most recent mixtape Hi This Is Flume received high praise from the music community.

Flume’s experimental, unique electronic sounds made him a standout and a pioneer in the EDM scene. He takes seemingly random computer and electronic noises and fuses them into emotional soundscapes.

He’s managed to mostly stay out of the headlines throughout his career except for one time his manager almost kicked Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid off his stage for dancing where they weren’t supposed to.

That’s why flume fans were so shocked and entertained by this video. He’s one of the most polite, quiet, unassuming artists you will find.

That’s what happens when people have camera phones at Burning Man. No judgments, everything was consensual and Flume and company looked to be having a lot of fun.

Social Media Reacts to the Video

The video of Flume at Burning Man quickly made the rounds on social media and caused some hilarious reactions. Once it became one of the biggest trending topics on Twitter, the memes and the jokes came pouring in.

Neither Flume nor his girlfriend Paige have commented on the widespread publicity the incident has received yet.

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