‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Script, The Iron Throne: Read the Worst Moments & Plotholes


The Game of Thrones finale script, “The Iron Throne,” was on Emmys.com after David Benioff & D.B. Weiss were nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. Now many fans are worried that they’ll win, especially after reading some of the crazy reveals and plot holes that they wrote into the finale script. Here’s how you can read the script yourself, along with some of the best reactions and craziest moments from that script. This post has major spoilers for Season 8. 

First, if you want to read the script for yourself, you can find it on the Emmys.com website here.

Drogon Accidentally Burned the Iron Throne

This might be the most egregious of all the moments in the finale script. We learned that Drogon “accidentally” burned the Iron Throne. Dragons have always been portrayed as highly intelligent in the Game of Thrones mythology, so fans had expected that Drogon burned the throne out of anger over its causing the death of his beloved mother Daenerys. Others thought that maybe he just noticed a sword had killed her and thought the throne was responsible. But it turns out that it was all an accident.

According to the script, after Jon killed Daenerys, he realizes that he had nothing to live for. That’s why he didn’t run when Drogon showed up.

Jon doesn’t flee. He has no interest in avoiding death; he has nothing left to live for. He stands and steps away from Dany’s body.

After Jon kills Dany, the script tells us that Drogon will not kill Jon (though it doesn’t explain why.) It also says that Drogon accidentally burned the Iron Throne and didn’t do it on purpose. This is on Page 20 of the script.

But the blast is not for him. Drogon wants to burn the world but he will not kill Jon. He breathes fire on the back wall, blasting down what remains of the great red blocks of stone. We look over Jon’s shoulder as the fire sweeps toward the throne– not the target of Drogon’s wrath, just a dumb bystander caught up in the conflagration.”

Jon Was Still in Love with Dany & a Scene About Dany’s Vision Was Cut

This is where things get confusing. Right before Daenerys goes mad, we find out that Jon was really disturbed by her being his aunt, to the point that he didn’t want to show her any romantic love at all or even kiss her. In one encounter he was very cold when she needed some encouragement and love from him. So after he rejected her, she said: “Fear it is.”

But the finale script says he was still in love with her. On Page 18 the script says:

“He looks into the eyes of the woman he loves.”

We also saw that there was a cut line on page 16 where Dany told Jon about her vision of the Iron Throne. “In a vision. The roof, the snow, the throne… (beat) It all looked exactly like this,” the script reads.

This interesting moment was cut from the episode.

Yara Was Afraid of Arya

This makes no sense. Yara was tough-as-nails and didn’t take flak from anyone. She had worked out a deal with Daenerys and was loyal to her now. But somehow, we’re told that she just went with Jon’s “punishment” because she was afraid of Arya. What?

The line was cut from the script, which you can read on Page 23.

YARA: Some of you may be quick to forgive. The Ironborn are not. I swore to follow Daenerys Targaryen… She freed us from a tyrant. Cersei is gone because of her. And Jon Snow put a knife in her heart. Let the Unsullied give him what he deserves.

ARYA:  Say another word about killing my brother and I’ll cut your throat.

Yara opens her mouth to respond but sees the look on Arya’s face. Yara is as tough as they come, but Arya– Arya’s different.

Some fans have pointed out that Yara didn’t have much choice, since the Iron Islands were in shambles and so many had followed Euron over her anyway. But still, does it really make sense that Yara would freak out just from looking into Arya’s eyes?

Jon and Sansa Failed Geography

When Arya shares her future plans with Jon and Sansa and asks “What’s west of Westeros?” the script has this gem on Page 34:

Jon and Sansa look at each other. They both failed geography.”

Fans are really annoyed by that one.

It doesn’t make any sense. Sansa is smart (didn’t Arya say that Sansa was the smartest woman she’d ever met?) So Sansa should have an idea of what Arya meant by “west.” Not to mention that Jon is clearly spending most of his time north where the wall is, so he should understand what’s west too. But… Ok.

Bran Is More Interested in a Bug than About Being King

There’s one place on Page 26 when Tyrion says: “And who has a better story than Bran the Broken?” You’d expect some kind of reaction from Bran. But the script tells us: “Bran doesn’t look shocked. Simply uninterested. But that doesn’t bother Tyrion.”

Then while Tyrion’s speaking about Bran leading everyone, the script tells us:

As Tyrion speaks, Bran looks down at the armrest of his wheelchair. A tiny pill bug crawls along the wood… Bran puts his hand down and lets the bug crawl into his palm… Bran sets his hand back on the arm rest and lets the pill bug crawl off and resume his journey.”

Fans had a lot of fun with this scene.

Tyrion ‘Has Come to Expect Strange Answers from Bran,’ Who’s Really ‘Weird’

Maybe one of the lesser egregious moments, but still odd. Tyrion, who really wanted Bran to be the new king, also knew that Bran was full of strange answers that don’t make much sense. A great quality in a king, right?

When Tyrion said that Bran should be King and was waiting for his answer, the script reads:

Finally Bran looks around, at all the important people waiting to hear his decision. He looks at Tyrion. Bran doesn’t really smile anymore but there is the smallest hint of amusement on his face as he answers.

BRAN: Why do you think I came all this way?

A strange response but Tyrion has come to expect strange answers from Bran.

Shouldn’t Tyrion have realized that Bran let everyone burn if he knew what was happening?

There’s a theory that Tyrion was being turned stupid in the books too, but his story was going to play out much more interestingly and perhaps be based on a drinking addiction he was developing. Sadly, he just randomly lost his wits in the TV series.

Later, we’re reminded that Bran is weird when he offers to look for Drogon.

The script doesn’t offer much in the way of revealing why Bran wants Drogon. Bran tells Bronn: “Perhaps I can find him. Do carry on with the rest.” Then the script comments at the bottom of page 37: “That’s weird. But so is the new king.”

Yes, Tyrion Was Left Out of the History Book

Sam wasn’t just making it up. The script confirms that Tyrion really was left out of the history book.

It doesn’t make any sense, but there it is.

Everyone Agreeing to Let Bran Be King Was Weird Too

Speaking of weird, everyone agreeing to let Bran be King also felt quite “plothole”-ish. The script doesn’t do much to clear any of that up.

According to the script, Edmure agrees because he thinks Bran will give him some influence at the court. Of course, he agrees after everyone makes fun of him, showing he has no influence, so…

Then we’re told simply that “Gendry is happy to go along” told on Page 28.

Yara goes along with it because her brother died defending Bran. “Yara has heard that her brother died defending Bran. She knows this choice would make Theon happy.” This is the only one that makes any sense (more than her being afraid of Arya), but it was cut from the show.

Brienne simply agrees because she’s a “Stark loyalist.” That seems to simply Brienne a little too much.

The Script Doesn’t Tell Us Where Jon Is Heading at the End of the Finale

As far as where Jon was going at the end of Episode 6, we still don’t know. Here’s what Page 44 of the script tells us:

In a shot mirroring the first image of the pilot, we see Jon and Tormund through the grate of the tunnel as the gate rises, from a POV inside the tunnel…

In a two shot that mirrors another shot from the pilot, Jon and Tormund wait for the gate to finish opening.

We see them emerge from the tunnel. Things still look very similar to the pilot shots, except Ghost is with them.

Then some Free Folk step into the fg, following them.

Overhead, from the top of the wall, we see more emerge, following Jon and Tormund.

And in a much wider side angle: Jon and Tormund with hundreds of Free Folk following behind them, walking away from the Wall. Many children are amongst them.

They all cross the No Man’s Land between the Wall and the northern forest. Patches of grass show through what used to be frozen tundra.

Ghost lopes out ahead of Jon, as Jon rides toward camera. Tormund rides beside him, and the last of the Free Folk are behind them.

Jon and company ride away from camera. As Ghost, Jon and the rest cross the treeline, we slowly pull back, and watch them disappear into the forest.

King’s Landing Was Covered in Snow

Fans had some heated debates about whether King’s Landing was covered in ash or snow. It seems obvious that it was ash (and that Drogon at least appeared to rise from a pile of ash when Jon showed up), considering that Daenerys burned everything down.

But it turns out that at least some of that was snow after all.

First, there’s the cut dialogue where Dany talked about her vision to Jon. She clearly says that the throne room was filled with SNOW.

And again, on Page 15 we’re told the throne room was covered in snow not ash.

Dany stands in the Throne Room. It looks just like it did in her vision, only the area behind the Iron Throne has been destroyed altogether. I.e., no window behind throne, Lannister or otherwise. The snow falls lightly through the collapsed roof as she steps past the pillars, down the central aisle. Rubble from the fallen roof is visible on the floor, covered in a layer of snow.”

Earlier in the episode, Drogon arose from either snow or ash that covered him, surprising Jon. On Page 15, that scene was worded a little differently. His black scales simply blended with the black rubble, according to the script.

It doesn’t really make sense that it was snow covering King’s Landing. We didn’t see any snow in any of the previous King’s Landing scenes from the final season, despite the previous season showing a drop of snow in the finale. And now all of a sudden there’s snow everywhere, after the Night King was defeated?

It’s a strange moment that fans don’t really understand.

In fact, some fans were so mad about the script that they tried to get a photo of D&D with a pile of money to show up when you google “Iron Throne.”

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