‘Ghosted’ Spoilers: Julia & Delmond

Ghosted Hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills on First Episode

MTV/ Viacom International Inc. 'Ghosted' Hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills on the series premiere.

Julia and Delmond were friends for over 15 years—then he vanished. Now, she’s calling in the team to help her find the lost confidant. More than just an acquaintance, it appears that Del was everything to her.

“His mom used to babysit me. We grew up and did everything together,” the “haunted” says about the “ghost.” “I don’t get along with my mom; I don’t get along with my sister. He’s the only family that I have at the end of the day.”

Rachel and Travis start out the episode in Marine City, Michigan as they meet the beleaguered Julia. She believes it could have something to do with her missing his important yearly celebration of coming out. Blocked on Shapchat, but still friends on Facebook, Julia saw the details of Del’s party.

The hosts reach out to Del and get his voicemail. While waiting for him to answer, they make a plan to check out his social media pages. He’s got plenty of posts, some with some pretty suspicious messages about friendship. They also notice a lot of messages from someone named Jamie and find Devin (Jamie’s Ex-Boyfriend) posting on Del’s Facebook page.

Jamie calls Rachel and Travis while they’re on the road. She knows who Julia is but claims not to know her. In the conversation, Jamie reveals that Del was angry about Julia skipping the party. Interestingly enough, Devin’s name comes up again.

At the hotel, Del calls the team and asks why the series is searching for him. When Julia’s name comes up, he is less than pleased to continue the conversation.

Day Two begins at the diner. Rachel and Travis lay out the details of what the team learned after meeting Julia. It’s a surprise to Julia that Devin and Del were communicating. She explains how Devin has manipulated and controlled her relationships with others. The hosts reveal they’ve reached out to Del, but it doesn’t look good right now.

The hosts get a call from Roseville, Michigan and it’s the mysterious Devin. They ask to meet him and he accepts. At a local cafe, Devin says he doesn’t know why they broke up, but she hurt him. He also claims to have a friendship with long lost Del. Devin feels used and claims to tell Del everything Julia said behind his back. Devin says “revenge is sweet”, but Rachel responds with the perfect line, “karma’s a bitch.”

Rachel and Travis try again to reach out to Del. In a voicemail, they mention talking to Devin and what may have happened. Del gets back to them—it’s time for a meeting. At Del’s house, the hosts let him in on the conversation with Devin. Rachel asks if Del feels like Julia has a right to know what happened. Del bursts into tears as he says there is more to story. They ask Del to sit down with Julia and he agrees.

The hosts call Julia and catch her up on the details. The next day, they meet Julia and relay their full conversation with Devin to her. She denies knowing anything that Devin would have said. Rachel and Travis bring Julia face-to-face with Del. Julia is in tears as Del sits down across from her.

The Confrontation: Julia apologizes for missing the party and talks about her pregnancy. Del says he knows she was pregnant, but couldn’t face her. He also reveals Devin reached out with terrible comments she made. Julia says she would never have said those things about him. Del admits he should have been a better friend. The reason is simple, Del had a sexual relationship with Devin for two months. It clearly breaks Julia’s heart. She is bursting with tears as Del admits he can’t even forgive himself. Mentioning the name she has planned for the baby, Del shows that he has been reading her social media posts.

It’s time for a break as Julia goes with Rachel and Del with Travis. While sitting with Rachel, Julia admits she is disgusted. Del tells Travis that he was in a really bad place. Both groups try to decide where they go from here. Is is it forgiveness or ghosting?

The Final Text: Rachel tells them that they have one last chance to get out everything they want to say. Julia says what happened is wrong, but Del admits full responsibility. Del sends out his final text to Julia and asks to make-up for what happened. Julia decides to make-up as well. It’s forgive and not forget for her. With a hug, the hosts come out to join the group.

Two Months Later: Julia and Del are happily back together and her son has his godfather. Del says he will never do that again. Of course, Devin is out of their lives for good.

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