‘Ghosted’ Spoilers: Ross & Jordan

Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills host Ghosted on MTV

MTV/ Viacom International Inc. Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills host MTV's Ghosted.

Ross thought he had met the one, but Jordan has gone missing. What happened? The Ghosted team is on the trail. This time, the show is starting out in New York City and the lovelorn Ross. Washington Square Park is setting as Rachel and Travis learn that the area holds a special meaning for the couple.

Ross tells the story of meeting Jordan and first date of “wining and dining.” He mentions that this was the first girl he ever fell in love with. She’s never been to his stand-up comedy shows, but that was more to do with the emasculation he felt. He mentions that suddenly he was blocked and had no reason why. He never met her friends and family—but her stories of abandonment must have been an issue. It’s his fear that she ended up with another guy named Brian.

The hosts have a couple of theories: another guy, no confidence on Ross’ part, wanted someone with a more stable career. They have all of Jordan’s social media profiles and phone number handy. After trying to call her, Rachel leaves a voicemail about what happened. Travis reveals his suspicion that Ross is not as innocent as they think he is. The Ghosted team get in touch with Brian, who says there was no connection with Jordan. He mentions seeing Jordan at a bar with Max—the host of a dating event where Ross and Jordan met. Brian puts them in touch with Max.

Travis and Rachel set up a meeting later with Max. Meanwhile, they go looking for clues on Jordan’s social media posts. After finding someone named Holly, they learn that the woman had a “falling out” with Jordan. Holly calls the hosts and says they were best friends at one point. According to the caller, as Jordan started dating someone named Makena, the friendship began to deteriorate. As they ask about Ross, Holly reveals she has never heard of him. Who is the mysterious Makena? Travis finds her Instagram page and sends a message.

Meanwhile, Rachel calls Max and he invites them over as he sets up for a show. Max reveals he has never met Ross before the dating event but gave him Jordan’s email. He also admits “hitting it off” with Jordan and taking her home that night.

The team meets with Ross at a local comedy club. After his set, they go back to his dressing room to talk over what they’ve learned. First, they reveal she is not dating Brian. Second, they drop the news about Max and Jordan’s one-night stand. Ross admits he is angry, especially since Jordan never mentioned it to him. Now, it’s time to reveal the news about Holly and Makena. They talk about Makena dating Jordan and the fact that she is not responding to their requests. It leaves Ross asking why he even tries anymore. After speaking with him, they call Jordan again. She says she can’t meet up with them. Jordan then reveals she has “really good reasons” for ghosting Ross. Can they set up a meeting or will she ghost them too?

At the studio, Travis and Rachel set up for the face-to-face meeting until Ross arrives. The hosts tell Ross about their worries that Jordan might not show up. After what feels like an eternity (45 minutes actually), Jordan shows up. The hosts tell her thank you for coming and lead her into the meeting.

The Confrontation: Ross tells Jordan that this is a weird situation and reveals his desperation. He says that he loves her and still feels something. Among it all, he asks why she did this. Jordan says she was ready for a relationship with him and admits to dating Makena months after their relationship ended. She speaks to her father abandoning her at age four and how difficult it was to tell that. The reason she ghosted him was a broken trust. In fact, she claims that he was saying things that were disrespectful. Jordan also claims to have snuck into his comedy show and took a video of the routine.

The hosts come over to watch the video with Jordan and Ross. Among the routine, he speaks about some sexual matters relating to the couple. Ross asks why didn’t she confront him about these jokes. He finds all of this ridiculous as Jordan relays her anger about the routine. Jordan bursts into tears as Ross offers to hug her.

Travis walks off with Jordan as she continues to cry. Rachel comes over to speak with Ross away from the setting. Ross says he still has feelings for Jordan and Rachel feels like Jordan loves him as well. At the same time, Jordan reveals to Travis that she still loves him.


The Final Text: Jordan and Ross reunite in the studio. First off, Ross apologizes for anything he did. Ross’s text chooses to ghost Jordan and Jordan does the same. While Ross doesn’t like how it was handled, Jordan says her heart was broken. Ross leaves the set and says he wants to go. Rachel and Travis speak to Jordan before she leaves. They wish her the best as she goes on her way. Afterwards, Ross said he didn’t deserve to get ghosted when they could have fought it out. He still loves her but admits it doesn’t feel right to be with her.

Two Months Later: Ross has not spoken to Jordan since their last confrontation. He views her as a sad thing for him and says he learned about respect. The comedian is also thinking about starting to date again. Jordan says she learned that ghosting was not the best way to deal with problems.

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