Hannah Brown’s DWTS Partner Is Rumored to Be Alan Bersten

Hannah Brown DWTS Partner

ABC DANCING WITH THE STARS - With a lineup of celebrities including a supermodel, a former White House press secretary, a Bachelorette, pro-athletes from the NFL and NBA, a Supreme and a TV icon to name a few, "Dancing with the Stars" is waltzing its way into its highly anticipated upcoming 2019 season.

Dancing With the Stars season 28 premieres on Monday, September 16 at 8/7c on ABC. One of the celebrities competing this season is Hannah Brown, who recently starred as The Bachelorette. Although ABC decided to keep the celebrity/pro dancer pairs a secret until the premiere, several photos and clues have been leaked that suggest that Hannah Brown will be dancing with Alan Bersten.

Although Brown cannot reveal her dance partner until the Monday night premiere, she did offer some clues about his personality during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She said “My dance partner is really passionate, which means he’s really tough on me. He’s also really fun, too.” She also credited his patience, admitting “I mean, bless my partner’s heart, he has to deal with ‘The Beast’ a lot … I put people in their place where I probably shouldn’t. Because I don’t even know what I’m talking about [sometimes], but I think I do.”

Fans of the show know that certainly sounds like Bersten. Furthermore, the show heavily featured Bersten’s showmance with his celebrity partner Alexis Ren during season 27, so it would not be surprising for them to partner him with Brown, who found and then lost love during her time as The Bachelorette.

If you’re not convinced, here are some clues we found that make it seem even more likely that Hannah and Alan will be dancing as partners on DWTS season 28.

Photos Captured of Brown and Bersten Outside the Dance Studio Suggest They Were Rehearsing Together

On Reddit, one user posted a blurry photo that they allege confirms Alan and Hannah’s partnership. The woman in the photo is definitely Hannah, and the man talking to her looks a lot like Alan, but it is possible that they were just exiting the studio at the same time and talking because they are competing on the same show. It could, on the other hand, confirm their partnership and reveal that they had been hard at work together preparing for their first week on the DWTS live stage. You can see that photo here, and decide for yourself.

Another photo, shared by Hollywood Pipeline, shows the same two people walking to their cars in the DWTS dance studio parking lot. Though they were photographed from behind, they are wearing the same outfits as the man and women in the Reddit photo (and Hannah was photographed from the front multiple times in that same dance attire).

Hannah & Alan Follow Each Other on Instagram

Both Hannah and Alan are following each other on Instagram, which could be yet another hint to their partnership. This clue is less concrete, however, because both Hannah and Alan have also followed a number of their celebrity and professional dancer castmates.

On Alan’s Instagram, he recently promoted his new clothing line, Frown Clothing, which he launched with Joe Amabile. Amabile is both a DWTS and Bachelor Nation alum, so perhaps their friendship helped inspire Bersten’s partnership with Brown.

Tune in to Dancing With the Stars season 28, Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.