‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Season 6 Premiere Time & Channel

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Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of How to Get Away With Murder, and fans cannot wait to see what the new season has in store. The show will air on ABC at 10pm ET/PT. 

Read on for some Season 6 details:

Viola Davis Speaks Out About Her Roles

In a recent interview with NBC News, series star Viola Davis shared, “I still believe, and I will say this until I go to my grave, that Annalise Keating [and] Olivia Pope are the greatest characters on TV… And I say that because the people here are not writing tentatively for people of color. And I see some of the characters that people eat up — that they love — that are just not deep, are not drawn-out; they’re everything that people feel comfortable with — even biopics, maybe even some things that I’ve been involved in. But they’re not bold. And I learned in acting class, some of the greatest acting teachers would say, ‘Just take a risk. Even if it’s the biggest mistake of your life, even if it looks a mess, just go for it.’ And that’s where we are with narratives nowadays.”

This season, which will also be the show’s final, will continue to deal with Annalise’s alcoholism. Other storylines revolve around Michaela looking for her birth parents and her budding romance with Gabe. Aja Nomi King tells NBC, “Gabriel really challenges her to look to those deeper parts of herself that she’s been attempting to ignore because it hurts, it’s painful, who wants to go there?… That exploration could end up being really therapeutic, but she also sees the pain that he’s been in in attempting to uncover everything that’s happened with his father and everything that that brings up. Do you willingly challenge yourself in a way that you know might result in something incredibly painful? It’s always good to have that outside voice saying, ‘Yes, this is why you need this.’”

The End of ‘HTGAWM’

As TV Guide points out, this season will be an emotional one for the actors of HTGAWM.

Lisa Weil recently shared with TV Guide, “Knowing that we’re coming to the end, I myself am just trying to soak it all up and remember every minute of it.”

Jack Falahee added, “I think [Viola Davis] is one of the best actors alive… Seeing her dedication to this story and the character has been really inspiring.”

And what can we expect in terms of spoilers? In a Season 6 sneak peek, we see Oliver suggest that Frank may be the one who tortured Xavier for answers.

But Pete Nowalk is here to tell us to strap up for a rollercoaster of a season. Nowalk tells TV Guide, “What I’m just excited about is this show should have an ending… The storyline, any good mystery, you answer as many of the questions as you can — and I’m going to try to answer as many as I can. We really put the audience and our fans who have kept watching on a rollercoaster, which just is one giant cliffhanger. Whenever we answer something, we give them another cliffhanger. So, I just feel good about finally saying, ‘Guess what? We’re going to end it and you’re going to get your answers and there will be no cliffhanger at the end. There will just be a story ending.’ And that feels really good and lucky to be able to do.”

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