Ian Jordan, Karamo Brown’s Partner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Karamo Brown


Karamo Brown is a fan-favorite on Queer Eye, and recently, he became engaged to his partner of eight years, Ian Jordan.

Here’s what you need to know about the couple.

1. They Became Engaged in May

In May, Karamo proposed to Ian Jordan– on his birthday–  at Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles. According to EW, Karamo had told Jordan that the two would be celebrating his birthday.

EW writes, “When they arrived, instead of dinner, the reality star took his partner to a balloon and flower-filled room where their friends and family were waiting. Jordan thought it was a surprise birthday party – but the biggest surprise was yet to come!”

The rest of the Queer Eye fab five were in attendance at the engagement party.

2. The Couple Has Been Raising Brown’s Two Sons Together

Soon after appearing on MTV’s The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004, Brown learned he had a 10-year-old son.

He tells Parents.com, “I came out at 16 years old as a proud, gay man. My last girlfriend in high school—when I was 15—became pregnant with my child but did not tell me… She moved away, and I never had contact with her again; remember this is before social media.” A decade later, he received a subpoena for child support. Brown says, “I was confused, sad, angry, and weirdly excited to be a dad, but felt lost nonetheless… We were both kids and don’t blame her for the decision she made because the choice was not hers, it was the adults around us.”

According to Parents.com, it wasn’t long after he learned about Jason that Karamo learned Jason had a half-brother, Chris. Karamo shares, “I took legal guardianship of Chris [in 2011]. Chris was nine at the time, and it has been an amazing journey. Again, I give my son’s mother so much praise for allowing me to step in and support her in raising our kids.”

Today, Brown’s sons are 21 and 17.

3. Jordan Is a Director

Jordan, a director, has worked as the assistant director of some well-known kids shows, including Instant Mom, The Suite Life on Deck, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Zoey 101, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Most recently, according to his IMDB, he worked as the second assistant director on Raven’s Home.

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Jordan is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

4. Karamo Knew That Jordan Was the One Because He “Communicates Well”

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In an interview with Elite Daily, Karamo shares how he knew Jordan was the one. He says, “Communication is key and the foundation for everything. If you can talk about the big, happy moments, the sad moments, your fears, the things that inspire you in a way that makes you transparent… I’ve never had an interaction like that with anyone before. So I just knew.”

What about the wedding?

Brown says he has been dreaming about the wedding for years. “I started planning it years ago… I’m that guy that has been wanting to plan a wedding since I was eight years old because I just love love.”

He goes on to tell Elite Daily that the many countries he has visited overseas have served as wedding inspiration.

5. Karamo Is Using Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding as Inspiration

In a Spring interview with US Weekly, Brown shared that he wants to “recreate” Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding, adding, “they’re my goals”.

“Oh, I’ve been wedding planning! We haven’t given out the date yet but it’s getting way extravagant, out of hand,… I was telling people the other day that [my fiancé] has been having anxiety attacks because of the wedding planning, so I’ve just stopped telling him the details.”

The couple says they will be expecting about 350 guests in attendance on their special day.

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