Is 60 Minutes on TV Tonight? What Time Does It Air?

60 Minutes Tonight

CBS Chanel Miller speaks with 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker.

A new episode of 60 Minutes on the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh will air tonight.

The episode will take a look at the Pittsburgh neighborhood as the one-year anniversary of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history approaches, and other topics. It airs at 7 p.m. EST Sunday, October 20, 2019.

60 Minutes will aired a new episode October 13, 2019 with a slight delay. The show typically airs every Sunday at 7 p.m. EST. A new episode was released October 13, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. EST. The October 13 episode discusses research by Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University into the effects of psilocybin, also known as “magic mushrooms,” on cancer patients.

One of the participants, Kerry Pappas, will also be featured on the October 13 episode.

What time is it on? The interview with Chanel Miller, formerly known as Emily Doe, was broadcast Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 7:30 p.m., according to CBS. The episode is called Know My Name.

The September 22 episode is named after Miller’s memoir, Know My Name, which will be released Tuesday, September 24. You can read court documents filed in Turner’s case here.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chanel Miller Is Reclaiming Her Name & Her Identity

chanel miller

VikingChanel Miller.

Chanel Miller was known as Emily Doe for nearly five years. The name was intended to protect her identity as she fought a highly publicized court battle against Brock Turner, who sexually assaulted her. But as she noted in her victim impact statement, first published by Buzzfeed, it had a deep effect on her to be known only as a pseudonym, while Brock Turner was known by his swimming statistics.

“In newspapers my name was ‘unconscious intoxicated woman’, ten syllables, and nothing more than that,” she said in her victim impact statement. “For a while, I believed that that was all I was. I had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. To relearn that this is not all that I am. That I am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster, while you are the All­ American swimmer at a top university, innocent until proven guilty, with so much at stake.”

She released a statement to KTVU at the conclusion of the trial, saying that hiding her identity also showed people will support a stranger who is not defined by any labels.

“I remain anonymous, yes to protect my identity,” she said in the statement.
“But it is also a statement, that all of these people are fighting for someone they don’t know.
That’s the beauty of it. I don’t need labels, categories, to prove I am worthy of respect, to prove that I should be listened to.
I am coming out to you as simply a woman wanting to be heard.
Yes there is plenty more I’d like to tell you about me.
For now, I am every woman.”

Miller chose her time to come forward, and she is releasing her memoir, Know My Name, Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

Miller Says the Court System Failed Her in Favor of Brock Turner

chanel miller stanford book

60 Minutes

Chanel Miller told 60 Minutes the court system failed her. She spent 1 1/2 years taking the case through trial, and Turner was sentenced to only six months in prison. He served only three months of his sentence.

“I was in shock,” Miller said on 60 Minutes. “So you’re saying I just put aside a year and a half of my life so he could go to county jail for three months. There are young men, particularly young men of color, serving longer sentences for non-violent crimes, for having a teeny bit of marijuana in their pocket. And he’s just been convicted of three felonies … one month for each felony. How can you explain that to me?”

Miller told Whitaker she was shamed reading online comments blaming her for the rape.

“Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk. And we have this really sick mindset in our culture, as if you deserve rape if you drink to excess,” she told Whitaker. “You deserve a hangover, a really bad hangover, but you don’t deserve to have somebody insert their body parts inside of you.”

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