Does ‘IT Chapter Two’ Have a Post-Credits Scene After the Ending?

IT Chapter Two End Credits

Getty (L-R) Director Andy Muschietti, Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and producer Barbara Muschietti attend the "IT Chapter Two" European Premiere at The Vaults on September 02, 2019 in London, England.

IT Chapter Two opens in theaters on Friday, September 6, 2019. After the success of It in 2017, which grossed $700 million in the box office worldwide, the sequel is expected to draw a major audience of horror movie fans in theaters, especially opening weekend. Blockbusters like IT have made it a common practice to include a post-credits bonus scene for their audiences, and it has become more and more common for people to sit in the theater through the end of the credits with the hopes that there is a little more of the movie left to watch.

If you’re planning on seeing the film and are wondering if you need to stick around after the movie for an extra scene, teaser, or easter egg to play after the credits, we have the information you’re looking for:

IT Chapter Two does not have a post-credits scene. Once the credits begin, the movie really is over, and if you get up to leave while the credits are playing, you will not miss any “extras.”

Director Andy Muschietti explained why they opted not to include a post-credits scene for the sequel, telling Huff Post “Post-credit scenes a la Marvel normally have a very distinct function, which is teas[ing] people about a future movie. But yeah, this is, like, the idea that this is over.” Later on, however, he teased that after IT Chapter Two, the story is over “for now.”

‘It’ Was Supposed to Have a Bonus Scene After the Credits

Muschietti revealed to Huff Post that there was supposed to be a post-credit scene at the end of It, to let the fans know that another film was coming in the near future. He said “Something a lot of people probably don’t know is ‘Chapter One’ did have the idea to make a post-credit scene, which was Beverly Marsh picking up the phone. So, 27 years later, post credit, you would see a phone ringing. It’s an iPhone, so it’s impossible that it’s 1989, and a hand comes in and the camera wraps around this red-haired back of a head, and we turn around, and it’s Jessica Chastain!” The scene ended up not getting filmed due to scheduling conflicts, so fans had to wait until the Chapter Two trailer was released to see Chastain as the adult Bev.

While they were not able to include that intended teaser scene at the end of It, they still included a small surprise for the audience members who stuck around through the credits. As the credits concluded, the sound of Pennywise the Clown’s laughter accompanied the words “IT Chapter One.” As “Chapter One” appeared on the screen, it told viewers for the first time that there was going to be a sequel, and that the story they had just watched unfold was not over.

You can view a video recording of that post-credit moment below:

IT (2017) After Credits Pennywise Laugh2017-09-13T02:13:29.000Z

The Youtube account who shared the recording, Vooboo Guru, said that the laughter and “IT Chapter One” was preceded by children chanting, though that portion of the teaser is not included in the Youtube video.

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