Jodi Montgomery: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jodi Montgomery

Pais Montgomery Fiduciary Jodi Montgomery

Jodi Pais Montgomery has been appointed as Britney Spears’ new temporary conservator. A judge in Los Angeles issued the ruling on Monday, September 9.

Montgomery has been serving as Spears’ care manager since 2018. She is a principal at the firm Pais Montgomery Fiduciary based in Pasadena, California.

Jamie Spears temporarily stepped down as his daughter’s conservator due to health reasons. He is also under investigation for alleged violence against grandson Sean Preston, 13. Montgomery was his recommended choice as a replacement, TMZ reported. Montgomery will serve as the conservator until at least January 31, 2020.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Jodi Montgomery Will Have Control Over Britney Spears’ Visitors & Access to Her Medical Records

GettyBritney Spears

Jamie Spears has controlled his daughter’s affairs and estate for more than a decade. He was appointed to the role in 2008 following Britney’s public breakdown and hospitalization. You can see one of the supplemental letters supporting Jamie’s conservatorship filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in February of 2008 here.

Jodi Montgomery will have the same level of control over Britney Spears’ daily life as Jamie did. She has full access to Spears’ medical documents and psychiatric records, and the right to communicate with the singer’s doctors about her care. Montgomery is responsible for managing a security team for Spears and enforcing restraining orders. Montgomery can also choose to restrict who has the ability to visit with Spears.

2. Jodi Montgomery Runs a Fiduciary Firm With Her Husband

Jodi Montgomery’s husband, Jack, is also her business partner. Together they manage the Pais Montgomery Fiduciary firm based in Pasadena.

According to The Blast, the couple is actually in the process of separating after more than two decades of marriage. The website reported that Montgomery filed for divorce in June of 2019. But their company’s website still lists both of them as the principals of the firm.

Montgomery has already been taking care of aspects of Britney Spears’ affairs for more than a year as her care manager. Her firm’s website explains, “we most often serve as trustees, probate estate administrators and conservators of the estate and person. Acting in these positions, the responsibilities we undertake are tremendous because of the considerable trust that others place in us to manage and optimize their financial assets, protect their health, safety, and quality of life.”

3. Jodi Montgomery Controlled More Than $33 Million of Client Assets As of October 2018

jodi montgomery

CA Department of Consumer AffairsJodi Pais Montgomery fiduciary license

Jodi Montgomery has had her current professional fiduciary license since April 25, 2011, according to public records available on the California Department of Consumer Affairs website. Her current license is set to expire on November 30, 2019.

Montgomery’s client assets were last reported to the department on October 1, 2018, according to her profile. At that time, Montgomery was responsible for managing client assets totaling more than $33 million.

That number is presumably much higher as Montgomery retains control of Britney Spears’ assets as the temporary conservator. Spears’ estimated net worth is about $215 million.

4. Jodi Montgomery Earned a Bachelor’s Degree In Social Welfare From Berkeley

jodi montgomery

Jodi Pais Montgomery

Jodi Pais Montgomery attended the University of California at Berkeley. She earned a bachelor’s degree in social welfare in 1982, according to her LinkedIn page.

Montgomery’s bio on the Pais Montgomery Fiduciary website highlights that she is trained in social work. It also states that she has volunteered with the Special Olympics and served as a counselor with AIDS Centers Pasadena

5. Jodi Montgomery Is a Mother & Grandmother

Jodi Pais Montgomery lives just outside of Pasadena, California in the census-designated area of Altadena.

She and husband Jack Montgomery have at least one grown son. Based on her Facebook page, it appears they also have at least one grandchild.

Montgomery’s photos include several with her adorable dogs.

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