John Paul Jones ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Memes & Jokes

John Paul Jones memes


Every season of Bachelor in Paradise provides the Bachelor Nation fans with plenty of content for memes. Throughout season 6 of BIP, John Paul Jones, more than any other star of the franchise, has inspired a number of jokes across social media.

It is unsurprising that John Paul Jones, whose big heart and goofy personality made him an early fan-favorite among Bachelor Nation, is at the center of many of Twitter’s 2019 Bachelor in Paradise memes. Here are some of our favorites:

Haley Bohman recorded a clip of John Paul Jones laughing at his own joke during a one-on-one date in Paradise. Along with it, she tweeted “John Paul Jones laughing so hard at his own joke is honestly me every time I tell a joke.”

Natalie Slavik made reference to John Paul Jones’s vomiting incident earlier in the season, tweeting “john paul jones standing outside chris harrison’s room to tell him he threw up.” Jones has thrown up twice on the show so far – once after Jane gave him some spicy tacos, and again during his dinner date with Tahzjuan.

@bbbrookerose joked about his sensitive gag reflex, too, comparing him to already-popular and heavily memed photos of animals gagging.

Of JPJ’s sensitive stomach, Robert Mills joked that “So far the only food we know John Paul Jones being able to digest is chicken nuggets.”

Julia Brown tied all of JPJ’s most endearing and meme-worthy traits into one tweet, writing “John Paul Jones keeps almost puking on dates, laughing at his own jokes, napping, and being generally confused by the process of this show. The most relatable person on #bachelorinparadise.”

@elle76177335 joked about John Paul Jones’s universal and somewhat generic good looks, writing “John Paul Jones looks like EVERY guy I’ve ever made on sims” alongside his cast photo from The Bachelorette.

Rachel Sisk, on the other hand, aptly described John Paul Jones as “a human golden retriever.”

@acceptedrose used another hilarious JPJ moment as an opportunity to craft a meme-worthy tweet. They shared a video of John Paul Jones cartwheeling down the beach, an event that took place right after Kristian Haggerty told Demi Burnett that she was kind of worried about Demi and JPJ’s relationship.

@BachelorBob_ also made a meme about John Paul Jones’s cartwheels, which are now famous among Bachelor Nation and yet another loveable quality of his.

It hasn’t been all fun and sunshine for John Paul Jones, and the most recent episodes have brought to light his more dramatic side. @angelarmorton edited a popular meme format so that it summarized the ridiculous fighting between JPJ and Derek on the show.

@TheBachBabes tweeted out what many Bachelor and JPJ fans were thinking, writing “Remember when we all loved John Paul Jones and then it turned out he was trash just like 99% of the male population.”

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