Who Is K. Michelle’s Surrogate Tannae on LHHH?

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K. Michelle is growing leery of her surrogate on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The reality star has said that she doesn’t want to have an “extended family,” and that surrogate Tannae is trying to implement herself into her life and the life of her unborn twins. Read on to learn more about K. Michelle and her surrogate.

Both women announced that they would be agreeing to a surrogate birth on their social media accounts in April. Tannae is a YouTube personality and vlogger best known for her work on the channel “UsPlus Four.” She has four children of her own, including a son, Keyontay Jr. who is named after her partner; and triplets To’Niya, To’Nyla, and To’Nayla. During a YouTube video, Tannae talked about the surrogacy and how she was thrilled to be adding to K. Michelle’s family.

Tannae Is a YouTube Personality & Vlogger Who Is K. Michelle’s Surrogate

“I want to bless [K. Michelle] with something that she always wanted,” she explained. “When I was at my lowest with my children, she was there. This is something that I choose to do. And I have a partner to go through it with me while I’m doing it… She has told many close people to her that I’m going to be her surrogate. You have heard her, before, say my name. She refers to me as ‘T.’

Tannae said that she had to keep quiet about the surrogacy at first, and the only people she told was her partner Keyontay, Sr. and her mother. “I was so quiet about it,” she recalled. “Keyontay was the first person who knew, and I ended up talking to my mom about it. But everybody else … I kept quiet about it.”

K. Michelle Has Said That It Might Be Time to Consider Other Options

Despite Tannae’s eagerness, K. Michelle has grown wary of her involvement. During the teaser for the latest LHHH episode, she vented a physician about the her frustrations. “She wants to talk on the phone every day… That’s not who I am,” she said. “I’m a loner. I do my work. And then she says things like this: ‘Yeah and we’re gonna all have to babysit, we’re all gonna hang out.’ No, no, no, no. I’m not trying to do an extended family.

“I’ve let so many people in and they have bullsh*t me, stole from me, everything,” K. Michelle added. “Right now this is the most important thing in my life and I definitely don’t need nobody else taking from it.” In a confessional interview, the R&B singer admitted that it might be time to consider other options.

“When I chose Tannae as my surrogate I wanted to pick somebody that I knew,” she explained. “Somebody that I knew loved kids, someone that was a great mother. It never occurred to me that having a relationship with her would complicate things. Maybe I need to consider other options.”

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