Are Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski Still Together?

Instagram Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski

For Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski, Bachelor in Paradise has been a slow burn. At first, they connected right away, before Jen Saviano threw a wrench in the mix after Morton regrettably encouraged him to date other people. Ultimately, Chris chose to be with Katie, and together, they were a steady couple throughout the entire season.

While Katie, 26, learned to let her guard down after the Jen situation, and freely share thoughts and emotions, Chris remained reserved in discussing his feelings, which was surprising considering this is his sixth time appearing on the popular reality dating TV series. But after finally having an official 1-on-1 date, Chris and Katie discussed their hesitations with taking their relationship to the next level, and it brought them closer together than ever. When you get the slo-mo kiss cam on Paradise, it means things are getting serious.

Now, before we get into the spoilers on whether or not Bukowski and Morton stay together, get engaged or break up, this is your SPOILERS WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens to the couple.

Chris Proposes on the ‘Paradise’ Finale

News of Katie and Chris getting engaged may seem like a surprise for many viewers, especially considering the couples’ extremely slow journey shown on Paradise. While it’s clear they both liked each other a lot, and were ready to settle down, it never appeared that getting engaged would be the next natural step in their relationship. Up until the final episode, Chris and Katie never said, “I love you” to one another, so things must’ve really sped up after finally getting that last-minute date card.

Neither Katie nor Chris have posted pictures of one another on Instagram during the show’s run, but Chris does leave fire emojis on every single photo she posts. It can also be good sign that they’re not prematurely blasting their love on social media, Chris has made it abundantly clear that he’s looking for the real thing, not a fling to gain more followers on Instagram.

Katie Shows Up to the Reunion Without Her Ring

The issues stemming from Chris not being affectionate enough and Katie wanting more attention to their romance continued after the cameras stopped, and Katie shows up to talk with Chris Harris during the reunion taping without her engagement ring.

However, once Chris joins her on stage, and they talk it out, she puts the ring back on, and recommits to their engagement.

Will Katie and Chris Last?

The happy couple has been spotted around Los Angeles, which means they’re still together past the reunion taping. They both seem like incredibly grounded, smart and caring people that want to make their relationship work, so odds are in their favor.

Chris told Heavy that he would move from Denver if he met the right girl on the show. He said, “I’m not married to Denver at all. If there’s a person, I’ll be married to a person, and wherever that person wants to be.”

Maybe Chris and Katie will be the couple that gets married on Paradise next season, or maybe their engagement won’t last through the New Year. It’s hard to say! They could be married with a baby on the way come 2020, or Chris could be returning to Mexico for his 7th shot at love. Anything is possible in Bachelor Nation.

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