Lyrica & A1 Cheating Allegations on LHHH


Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley continue to have relationship struggles on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Lyrica has tried to overlook the fact that A1 had an affair in 2018, but she stormed out after discovering that he recently cheated on her again. Read on to learn about the latest cheating allegations.

The preview for tonight’s episode hints at some major drama between the couple. Lyrica is shown moving all her belongings out of their house, and when her mother confronts her about her actions, Lyrica reveals that A1 has cheated on her again. She claims that A1 slept with a woman he had met the previous evening on a flight.

Lyrica Storms Out After Discovering That A1 Bentley Has Cheated Again

The couple were already treading on thin ice after dealing with A1’s past infidelities. During last week’s episode, Lyrica stormed out of the house and decided to spend the night at a hotel, after getting into an argument with A1 and his mother Pam. The latter tried to blame Lyrica for A1’s infidelity, and said that “Men do stuff because of women.” Pam then met up with Lyrica’s mother to try to help the couple find a way to make things work, but Pam maintained that it was Lyrica’s fault, and her words led to a near-physical altercation.

During the September 2 episode of LHHH, A1 admitted to cheating on her, and claimed that he regretted his actions. “Last week, I was looking at losing my wife, and to be honest, that scared the sh*t out of me,” he said during a confessional. “I mess up sometimes, but I love Lyrica and I want to be with her. I’m glad that after a couple of romantic nights on the road, my wife’s starting to soften up, and forgive and forget.”

A1 Reportedly Slept With a Woman That He Met on a Flight

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A1 tried to own up to his mistakes again during a recent episode, but fans were generally displeased with his half-hearted approach. While he apologized for sleeping with Summer Bunni, the rap producer tried to excuse his actions by saying how rough things have been for him in the past year. He also asked Lyrica to join him on his tour and perform her single at the end of his tour set. “I really feel like A1 is playing with Lyrica’s emotions at this point,” wrote one Twitter user. “That apology was so tired. Lyrica better wise up and get a good divorce attorney. #LHHH #lhhhollywood.”

Lyrica previously said that she wants to stay with A1 and work on their relationship. “My baby, first, and my husband, we are definitely a work in progress right now,” she told Hot New Hip Hop. “You know, it’s kind of annoying that we put ourselves out there but it’s like, nothing is private anymore. Everyone thinks they can comment on your life. They judge by a minute or two segments they see on TV when really, that doesn’t sum up my whole life. That’s not all of who Lyrica is.”

Tune in to Love & Hip Hop: Hollwood tonight to find out whether Lyrica and A1 work through their latest scandal, or whether their marriage comes to an end.

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