Are Lyrica & A1 Still Together on LHHH?

Getty Floyd "A1" Bentley and Lyrica Anderson

Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley reach a breaking point on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Last week saw Lyrica angrily storm out of her house after A1 and his mother tried to blame her for the rapper’s infidelity. Lyrica left and said that she was done and would come back later to collect her remaining stuff. But are Lyrica and A1 broken up? Will they get back together?

Despite the argument, it looks as though Lyrica and A1 are still together. The former recently sat down for an interview with VH1, where she said that she and A1 are continuing to work through their issues. “My baby, first, and my husband, we are definitely a work in progress right now,” she explained. Lyrica also hinted at the drama that fans would be seeing throughout the season, implying that they manage to overcome their differences.

Lyrica & A1 Are Still Together Despite the Former’s Threat to Leave

“You know, it’s kind of annoying that we put ourselves out there but it’s like, nothing is private anymore. Everyone thinks they can comment on your life,” she admitted. “They judge by a minute or two segments they see on TV when really, that doesn’t sum up my whole life. That’s not all of who Lyrica is.”

The reality star specifically touched on the disagreement she had with A1’s mother, Pam. “We go through things that everyone goes through [like] having kids, infidelity, cheating, embarrassment, love problems, friend problems, relationship with your mother problems, whatever it is,” she teased. “I thought the scandals were over. We hope for the best and we don’t always get it. A1 is definitely a target for groupies on the come up. He’s on television. Nice looking guy and women love to feel like they can take you away from [your marriage] which is really sad.”

Lyrica Has Said That It Will Take Tim to Build Up Trust In A1 Again

During the September 2 episode of LHHH, A1 admitted to cheating on Lyrica with Instagram model and aspiring rapper Summer Bunni. “Last week, I was looking at losing my wife, and to be honest, that scared the sh*t out of me,” he said during a confessional. “I mess up sometimes, but I love Lyrica and I want to be with her. I’m glad that after a couple of romantic nights on the road, my wife’s starting to soften up, and forgive and forget.”

Lyrica acknowledged A1’s apology, but said that it will take a while for her to start trusting him again. “A1 and I just got back from doing our shows on the road, and I will say he was definitely trying to be an amazing husband, but it’s going to take a while for me to trust him again,” she admitted. “One thing I do have to give to A1 is he’s very supportive of my career, and that’s the real reason that he’s here tonight — more so as my manager than my man.”

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