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Married at First Sight, season 9 episode 14, titled “The Forever Decision,” airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime. The highly-anticipated season 9 finale of MAFS will feature the four couples finally making the decision to either stay together and work through their issues, or call it quits and file for divorce.

The episode synopsis reads “the eight week experiment is over and Decision Day is here! The couples are faced with the biggest decision of their lives: do they want to stay married or end it all and get a divorce?”

The promos that Lifetime has released for tonight’s episode give a somewhat confusing look at what fans can expect from the finale. Read on for spoilers on tonight’s MAFS episode (WARNING: Some light MAFS spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you!):

Matt & Amber Will Be a Major Focus of the Finale Episode

As mentioned above, there is some confusing and “shocking” reveals in store for tonight’s episode, specifically involving Amber and Matt’s story. Fans are already familiar with their incredibly rocky, back-and-forth relationship, with Matt never fully knowing what he wants and Amber sitting at home crying while Matt goes out to the bars and asks other women out on dates.

The clip above gives viewers a sneak peek at their conversation with the experts; Matt is still trying to claim that he has given their relationship his all, while the experts (and Amber) disagree, and accuse Matt of humiliating his wife while he stays out in the bars all night and tries to pick up other women.

“Matt, you just didn’t want to come home,” Amber says in the clip above. “I keep hearing all these things – like, I got humiliated at school. All these teachers pulled me into a classroom and a teacher was like ‘look at what your husband’s doing,’ and he was trying to get this girl to go on a date with him that he had met at a bar that Saturday night. He met her that night and he was messaging her.”

Amber continued: “And then my best friend Raven saw him talking to a girl at a bar for like, a long, long time, and then he left with the girl.” (You can watch the clip of her conversation with Raven above). This reveal left the experts in shock, and when they asked Matt what he had to say for himself, he admitted that he was “still dating” because he felt like he and Amber were just friends when they were first married.

“Looking back, I think there was a time where I felt we were just friends,” he tells Amber in the clip. “But I also was holding out hope.” This last statement gets a reaction from the experts, who ask him how he can be “holding out hope [for your marriage] while you’re dating?”

The confusing part about the exchange between Matt and Amber is because of the clip below … not only do they have an incredibly personal and revealing conversation in the first sneak peak, with Amber finally calling Matt out on all of the humiliation he has put her through (on national television no less), but the clip below shows her telling him just how much she cares about him and how badly she wants to make it work, despite how humiliated she has been.

Amber tells Matt “you’re my perfect match, and you are who I want.” So, unless Lifetime did some incredibly sneaky editing to make it look like Amber is going to choose to stay with Matt, the two appear to want to try to work things out, despite all of Matt’s deception over the last eight weeks. The promo does promise that their choices will shock viewers, so Lifetime might be trying to throw fans off by making it look like they are going to split up when they actually aren’t, or vice versa. Fans will just have to wait and see how their story plays out on tonight’s finale episode of the show.

The Other Three Couples Are Also Questioning Whether or Not to Remain Together or File For Divorce

The clip above, which is similar to other promos Lifetime has released but with different clips of the couples, shows Pastor Calvin Roberson questioning whether or not Keith is frustrated with the fact that Iris is a virgin and he isn’t. Iris virginity has been a major obstacle in their relationship since the two first met at the alter, and although Keith has been trying to be patient and understanding with Iris, she hasn’t been very good about opening up to her husband or trying to work on her own reservations about sex and intimacy.

Paster Calvin asks Keith if he is “sexually frustrated” with the fact that Iris is a virgin and he isn’t, so her virginity will once again by a main focus of tonight’s episode.

Another clip shows Jamie telling the experts that things have “gotten really toxic” between him and Elizabeth, while she expresses just how difficult it is to decide whether or not to stay with Jamie. At one point, Elizabeth tells the cameras that “this is the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my life.”

None of the clips for the season 9 finale really gives away much in terms of what’s going on with Deonna and Greg, although that shouldn’t shock many fans since they have had relatively few significant issues since they were first introduced. Deonna has had some difficulty in opening up to Greg and expressing her feelings, but the two have been slowly working through their issues with the help of the experts since the very beginning, and since there is very little drama between the two, the finale will likely focus strongly on the other three couples over these two lovebirds.

Who do you think will call it quits in the end? Take our poll above, and tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET to catch the Decision Day finale episode of Married at First Sight on Lifetime. In the meantime, you can read up on spoilers from last week’s episode here.

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