‘Masterchef’ 2019 Winner: Who Won Season 10 Tonight?

Masterchef Season 10 Winner

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Tonight was the 2019 finale of Masterchef, with three contestants left in the mix. The three season 10 finalists were home cooks Nick DiGiovanni, Dorian Hunter, or Sarah Faherty, who were each very different from one another in their cooking styles.

Heading into the finale, each contestant had to create an appetizer, an entree and a dessert, but one cook wouldn’t make it to dessert. Halfway through the episode, the judges announced that someone would be eliminated after the entree round. Read on below for the spoilers on who was eliminated, followed by who won tonight.

“Masterchef” Season 10 Finale Recap

Dorian announced at the beginning of the episode that her menu was paying homage to her mother in Georgia. Nick followed a college theme and family influences, while Sarah was inspired by her husband who is a sommelier. Sarah then stated that her dream is to open a wine pairing eatery.

Each of the finalists had one hour to make each item.

Nick’s first dish was called “Beer Pong” and was soft shell crab with green tomato and caper relish, pomme souffle and a tomato “party cup”. Gordon Ramsay loved it but, on the other hand, he said it “didn’t make any sense”. Dorian got mixed reviews with her scallops dish. Then Sarah was up next and said she was nervous based on the comments the judges had about the other two contestants. For her dish, she served the judges octopus. The judges thought Sarah nailed the dish with its tenderness but felt her ambition with her chorizo did not pay off.

For the entree course, Dorian choes to make an applewood smoked short rib. Nick’s dish was called “All Nighter” and it was a steamed striped bass. He said it reminded him of late nights at the library in school. He decided to do his plating on a book, which surprised the judges. An herb-crusted lamb was Sarah’s dish.

Dorian’s short ribs choice was an elevation of her mother’s roast. It was accompanied with a potato and horseradish gratin. Ramsay was the first to comment and said it was “absolutely delicious”. For Nick’s, his dish was a steamed bass with squid ink and celery root puree with a black truffle and white asparagus salad. He wanted to add an “old book” flavor to his dish. Joe Bastianich said he really raised the bar with the concept of his dish. Ramsay said that it was very sweet and very smoky but was trying to figure out why there were so many elements to the dish. Chef Aaron Sanchez’s fish was underdone quite a bit. Bastianich said Nick’s skin on the fish was “masterfully done”. The other judges’ fish were all done perfectly they said.

Sarah’s dish was presented last again. The lamb was served with a fava bean puree and spring vegetable fricasse. Bastianich was worried his vegetables weren’t cooked before he ate them. Ramsay said Sarah’s lamb was “like butter”, but that the vegetables created a disconnect for him. Sanchez said the sauce was “underdeveloped”.

Who Got Eliminated on “Masterchef” Tonight?

One of the contestants was eliminated before the dessert round and the judges decided to cut … Nick. This left Dorian and Sarah to battle it out for the win. Some of the former contestants and audience members looked shocked.

For the desserts, Dorian finished her merengue early, while Sarah was putting on her finishing touches up until the time ran out. The judges gushed over Dorian’s dish, which was set on a plate that had a photo of hands, seemingly presenting the food to the judges. As for Sarah’s dish, Joe Bastianich said it was a great interpretation of a flourless chocolate cake.

The winner this season will not only get $1 million in cash, a trophy, and the title of Masterchef, but they also will get to train in each of the judges’ restaurants. In addition, both of the top 2 finalists get to take home new Viking kitchens.

And the winner is … Dorian!